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Re: James Brown Jr, Professional Voice Actor (Open)

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:18 pm
by JamesBrownJrVA
Updating with some additional info I'm proud to announce.


I voice the teacher "Mr. Moore" in Aphmau's YouTube animation series, "Phoenix Drop High" Starting at Season 2 Episode 4! Check it out!

I'm also the Captain in Delenda Airlines, a game developed by Team Dogpit!

If you wish to know more about what I'v done, for my Demo and Resume, please visit me at My most notable roles have been the voice of Malix in Seduce Me the Otome, and as Eagle AI in ACE Academy. I've also done commercial work, animation, and audio drama as well.

My Rates are as follows:
3.00 USD per line; For hourly sessions 200.00 USD per hour.

I accept payment via PayPal at! Feel free to contact me with any questions via this email as well!

Have a great 2017 everyone!