Male Voice Talent (Sexy, Intense, Protagonist)

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Male Voice Talent (Sexy, Intense, Protagonist)

#1 Post by HeroicRoxas » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:24 am

Hey there Lemmasoft, I've been voice acting for almost 6 years now professionally, but from time to time i will do unpaid work! :)

My online handle is usually HeroicRoxas.
DEMOS ---> Commercial Demo, Animation, and Videogame demos.
Interested in both paid and unpaid work! :)

Short Form Resume
Lucifer - Seven
Issac - NEXT/Gen
Kei - Nensho! Burn Your Fat With Me! (For Girls)
Luka - Salva Veritae: Truth Intact
Johnny - Graves
Heishi - Ternion
Lt. Turnbull / Announcer - Vegan Zombies
Daniel - The Antagonist
Ink / Eddy - Acidic
Odin - Rok
Soldier - Battle Field
Kaito - Summer Sweethearts
Fordaorn - Remnants of Twilight
Hikari - Ying/Yang

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Re: Male Voice Talent (Sexy, Intense, Protagonist)

#2 Post by Kikaharu » Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:32 am

Just to tell you. A part of the rules is to allow people to contact you on here so you might want to add that to your contact area.

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