Caitlynn French - Voice Actor

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Caitlynn French - Voice Actor

#1 Post by CaitlynnFrenchV » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:03 am

Hiya, as the title indicates, my name is Caitlynn French and I'm posting because I'm interested in expanding my resume and working with new directors, companies, and playing in new mediums. As a gamer myself, I love the opportunity to help others bring their dreams and characters to life.

Most of my information can be found on my website: For a fast link to my demo just click right HERE.

I am primarily accepting paid projects however, I am will doing to free projects, but what pays the bills is usually what I have to put as priority first. If there is a character you think I'd be perfect for but your budget is small or non-existant, just send me a PM and we will discuss it! I work with you and your teams budget.

As far as content goes, I am willing to do 18+ material but expect a lot of questions about the project following. Also likelihood is I would use an alias due for professional reasons.

Thank you so much! Feel free to post with comments, questions, or just to chat me up.

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Re: Caitlynn French - Voice Actor

#2 Post by Green Glasses Girl » Fri May 20, 2016 9:03 am

Your website doesn't seem to be active? I checked on two different browsers and both times your website showed up blank!

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