Trained Voice Actor - De Voice - for hire (Free/Paid)

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De Voice
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Trained Voice Actor - De Voice - for hire (Free/Paid)

#1 Post by De Voice » Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:59 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've gone through voice over training, I'm interning at a studio, and am looking to contribute and participate in all things Voice Over.
Right now, considering my credits are short - free is fine, paid is incredible, but bottom line is I love this 'job'.

My rough demos are on my website - and will be updating with full sound effects in the next year.

I hope to hear from you fabulous developers in the near future!

(BTW: It's pronounced "Dee", not "Duh")
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Re: Trained Voice Actor - De Voice - for hire (Free/Paid)

#2 Post by johandark » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:58 pm

Well, first allow me to tell you it was not super easy to find your demos, when you´re looking for many different demos, it´s nice to give a more direct link and also if it´s a bit more clear, it helps... Just an opinion if it can help you. ^^ (This link would be better:

Other thing is, you don´t mention if you are ok with R-rate games or hentai games.

What can you do and what are you not willing to do by no means.

And since you´re adding 2 demos and I see no real difference between Animation and Games... probably one with more different moods, english/nigga accents, teenager, kid, mature woman... could help to know better your range... Just an opinion... I´m looking for a teenager and a english mature woman... but it´s not easy to look for... ^^

Great demos by the way. ;)

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