[Free/Hire] Voice Actor, Open for Work!

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[Free/Hire] Voice Actor, Open for Work!

#1 Post by RikuSenpai » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:15 am

Hey there! My name is Siddhartha Villanueva, also known by my internet alias "RikuSenpai". (Mostly people just call me "Riku")
I'm a California raised "weeaboo" who's been voice acting for three years! I'm trying to widen my horizons and provide my voice for as many animated projects, visual novels, and video games as I can possibly be a part of! Have I got your attention? RAD! LEMME GIVE YOU SOME SWEET DETAILS!

Vocal Range:
My range is malleable enough to do almost any male (deepish-low to "shota"-high, think like a slightly higher Morgan Freeman to Nagisa from the Free! dub)

Character Demo Reel:
https://youtu.be/-VRTiyfs8yE (2018)

Rates and Pay Stuff:
I am MORE THAN willing to work for free, and I welcome non-paying projects to come my way; that said, if the project is a "Paid Casting", I'm hoping I can get paid a reasonable amount. I'm not necessarily great with "fair pricing" so I'm flexible, and am, of course, willing to negotiate the rate for the work!

What I Will Voice
If I'm being honest, I'll voice pretty much anything, so long as it catches my eye or looks like it'll entertain a lot of people! (That includes 18+ content.)

If ya wanna get in contact, feel free to email me at riku475@gmail.com (I know, not the most professional of emails) or you can PM me on this forum.

My website: Currently in the works!
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/rikusenpai

I look forward to any and all responses I Feel free to leave comments, critique, or questions! I would love to hear back from you. : D

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