Lynne Parsons - American Female Voice (Adult/Teen) [Free/Paid]

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Lynne Parsons - American Female Voice (Adult/Teen) [Free/Paid]

#1 Post by AstralCat » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:10 am

Hey there!
I'm Lynne, and I've been getting into VNs lately through my own projects as well as playing VNs from the community. I'm an amateur voice actress for the audio drama Anansi Storytime, and I'd like to broaden my range by getting into voice acting for VNs as well!

My demo reel can be found at:

-I am totally okay with doing NSFW voice acting, if it is something I'm interested in.
-I don't have examples on the demo reel, but I can handle fantasy voices (high born formal elf, goblin, fictional accents, etc)
-If you have an idea for a character or archetype that is not represented on the demo reel, please reach out!

-I am happy to take on free roles for VNs that will be released for free, or for demos/proofs of concept for future projects.
-If a VN will be commercially available, I prefer that I be paid for my time and effort, but I'm flexible on payment and willing to work on contingency.

-I will do my best to adhere to deadlines, but I do have a full time job. I will take on roles as I have time for them, but the workload must be reasonable for the deadlines involved.
-If I agree to take a role and am not given the script within a reasonable amount of time, I may no longer have time for it.


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Re: Lynne Parsons - American Female Voice (Adult/Teen) [Free/Paid]

#2 Post by fleet » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:38 am

I'm sending you a PM and also an e-mail.
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