Professional VO Available for New Projects

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Professional VO Available for New Projects

#1 Post by ProfKranc » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:23 pm

Hey guys!

My name is Callum, but I also go by the online slias ProfKranc.

Been doing voice over for several years now, and I've always found Lemmasoft to be an amazingly vibrant place to get involved with quality projects.

I've just updated my demos, and came off some pretty high profile, local projects, so I'm looking to lend my voice to any projects looking for one! Be that free, or paid, for promotional purposes (Game trailers) or in-game!

And, if you're having trouble locating quality actors online, please feel free to send me a message! I've been working long enough online that I've made some very talented friends in the progress.

Below is a link to my website for my demos, showreel, equipment list, and other relevant details:

(Visit ^^ to see more examples from previous clients)

Equipment Listing:

AT2020 XLR Mic
Line6 UX2 Audio Interface / Tascam DR-70 Recorder
Adobe Recording Suite
And a Conditioned Recording Space

Regardless if you think I can help with your project, I genuinely wish you all the best of luck!

Get in contact with me using the contact form on the website!

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