Katy133 | Voice Acting [Paid/Open]

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Katy133 | Voice Acting [Paid/Open]

#1 Post by Katy133 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:21 pm

Katy133 | Female | Canadian voice actress.

Hi! I'm Katy133. I'm an animator who makes visual novels in her spare time, and would very much like to do more voice acting for visual novels.

Demo Reel

Singing Examples


Current Microphone: Blue Snowball.
Recording software: Audacity.

"Will"s and "Will Not"s
I will...
I will edit my own voice clips with effects if asked (echo, lowed/raised pitch, etc).
I will sing.

I will not...
I will not participate in a project that has 18+ material.

Method of payment: PayPal.

My Website, which lists my visual novels.
Become a patron on my Patreon!

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