Meggie-Elise - Female/Young Male Voice-Over Artist

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Meggie-Elise - Female/Young Male Voice-Over Artist

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Hello! My name is Meggie-Elise and I am a voice-over artist!
Looking for voice actors? Let's get in touch!

I have provided vocal work for video games, visual novels, animations, audiobooks and much more!
Here are links to my voice demo, resume, and a few other voice-over projects.!AgVKMO7_Kj-ugRIgWPm6IVBqX-yH……

Contact Info:
Discord: Meggie-Elise#7577

Q. Where can I find you?
A. "Great question! You can find me on any of the aforementioned social medias. You can also find me on IMDb, YouTube, Instagram, and CastingCall.Club!"
YouTube: ... 3_Dw1jWC5Q (Feel free to also check out my Voice-Over playlist! I'm constantly adding new videos/projects all the time! Here is the link: ... KYIXsPVYjc)

Q. What is your recording setup like?/What kind of equipment do you use?
A. "Another great question! As of right now, I am currently using a AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone."
The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is the ideal mic for project and home studio applications. With a remarkably low price, cardioid pattern, and specs that put it in the big leagues, it features a custom-engineered, 16mm low-mass diaphragm and smooth 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. The AT2020's low self-noise is suited to digital recording, plus it has a high 144dB SPL handling.
Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS
An inexpensive USB mic, requires no pre-amp, comes with self-monitoring.

Q. Pricing/What are your payrates?
A. "I usually use this as a guide for payrates: However, I'm more than willing to negotiate prices and can most definitely work within your budget!
Let me know if this works for you! If not, let's talk it out! It all just sort of depends on your budget and what type of project it is! I do both PAID/UNPAID projects."

1stZackAttack- My Little Pony: The Legend Of Ghost Mare Samara Part 2 [ft. Brittney Ackerman] - Twilight Sparkle
Agent0fluffy- A Diamond Tiara Christmas Carol- Young Diamond Tiara
Alejo Patten- Disney Kingdom Comic Dubs Crew (Featuring Figment: Journey Into Imagination)- Young Dreamfinder + more!
Allen The Ultimate Gamer- [Sword Art Online] Asuna Comforts Kirito Fandub - Asuna, [Tales of Rebirth] Singing Mao Skit Part 4 Fandub - Annie, *SPOILERS*

Code: Select all

 Zero Revealed Fandub - Kallen, [Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc] Hajime Talks To Chiaki About Talents Fandub - Chiaki + more!
Anthologies of Ullord- Anthologies of Ullord: Curse of the Blight- Iva Grimleaf
Asianrambo38- Burnin'Red: Revamp Anamnesis [BlazBlue Alter Memory Abridged One-Shot]- Rachel Alucard
Awesomista- Sims 4 VO Series- Dear Maya- 1x01 - Alex
Basil- Ashley The Teenage Witch (FANGAME)- Ashley the Young Witch
Big Game Productions- Tiger Square- Nin-Nin, Heavy is the Head Episode III: Let Slip the Dogs of War - Carly Fiorina, Cheerleaders + more!
Bison-Yeti Studio- Figment II: The Legacy of Imagination (Comic Dub) - Young Blair Mercurial/Dreamfinder
Blue15bomber- Scootertrix Short: Snowdrop the Redub
BurstSMG- Escape- Minecraft Crime Series- Ashley Smith- Channel 23 News anchor 
Cameron Perry- Scissorman and Paperpal- Sarah
CMea- X FIghters! Season 3 - Rachel, Nya
Conker- "Alone in The Universe" Cover (Seussical The Musical)
Cotton Candy Cyanide- Quantum Suicide Visual Novel - AI/DAI
Craig Woodward- (Chapter Two pt1) Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia - Sonnet
Crazy Greg Films- BOOM BABY COMIC DUB (By E-VAY) - Baby Aurora, Just ShadAmy Comic Dub - Queen Natz + more!
Crazykitty- Out Fishing | Breath of the Wild Comic Dub - Zelda, Daredevil Pixie | Pixie and Brutus Comic Dub - Pixie, Facing the Champion | Pokemon Comic Dub - Pokémon Trainer, Champion, Breakfast | Splatoon 2 Comic Dub + more!
CrownieVA- Team Spartan - Episode 1 - Tales of Elysium | Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comic Dub - Kareena, A Wish Granted - The Dog Fairy | Pet_Foolery Comic Dub - Fairy Dogmother + more!
Cutie Dash- Lego Spider-Man Series - Gwen Stacy/Billy Conners/Martha Conners
DarkCloudVA- Splatoon comic dub: Callie and Marie's Christmas, Megaman #50: The Choice Comic Drama + more!
DarkHorrendous- Aezae's Tales | Chapter 1 Shattered Memories - Erilia the Braixen
DeadJosey- Internet Explorer Finale Season 1.2 Explorer vs Chrome! - WWW/World Wide Web + more!
DonkeyDude- (APRIL FOOLS) All-Star but it's sung by the Sonic Cast - Charmy, Wave, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dubbed - Full Release - Corrin (Female) + more!
Eevee Miscellaneous- Absolution: A Reckoner's Tale- Tavi
Estonianramen- Purgacity- Blondie Armarillo
Evan000- Pokémon Let's Go Short Animatic- Lillie
Evermore Shores- In Memory Of- Romana Sky
GameBot 2000- Shantae: Risky's Revenge Fandub!- Shantae + more!
GinaM- My Hero Academia Comic Dub- Nice Kacchan AU- Mina Ashido
Gregheff051- Never Feel Lost (Teen's Play and Children's Play Side story)- Queen Sapphire + more!
HaruTsunX- "The Gardevoir Experience"- Sana (Ralts)
Hirokaskiva- Roles for Small Special for Link Vs- Shantae the Half-Genie
Hubworld23- 'Hot' An MLP Comic Dub- Starlight Glimmer
Jaeden-man89- Steven Universe Fandub (Hit the Diamond)- Lapis Lazuli, The Wonders of Dragons‬ (Comic Dub) - Kazooie, It’s Like They Share a Braincell (Comic Dub), Kazooie NO (Comic Dub), Hopes For a Best Friend (Comic Dub) - Shantae, Be at Peace: Steven Universe Comic Dub - Lapis + more!
JamoArt- Thistle Chronicles - Character Voices - Mathilda/Corrupted Mathilda, Polly
João Pereira Criações- Switchy - Animation/Lip Sync Test
Jacob M. Keene AKA Dr. Pepper King- Video Games with Vague Voice Acting Credits (feat. 10 VA guests)
JaxArtChannel- Fire Emblem Heroes Konosuba Voice Mod- Aqua
Joystar- Undertale: A Narrator's Musical- Dogaressa, Chorus
Justin Green- VA Shenanigans Drunk (NOT) Collab!!
Keni Hoover/Killer Productions: Mr. Slotter- Children
Kieran Hammersley- How I Met Vaggie | Hazbin Hotel (Comic Dub), Simple Misunderstanding | Deltarune (Comic Dub), Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (Comic Dub) | Emotional Control, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Comic Dub) | Lovebirds + more!
Legend Dubs- JoJo's Strange Ancestries (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Comic Dub) + more!
Lego My Jango- Clone Revolution: Season 1: Episode 1: Siege Of Mandalore Full Version - Trinity, Admiral Ventral, Clone Revolution: Season 1: Episode 3: Close Tides - K-8Y7
Louis Brady/LRBProduction- Just the Johnsons- Sally Johnson
Malina Rose- Wolf Girl and Black Prince English Fandub episode 1
Melodyheart218- PMD: Explorers of Souls Fandub- Mel the Eevee
Memiko209- Mobius Redrawn- Fiona Fox
Messy Bi Trash- Similar | Kingdom Hearts Comic Dub - Kairi
MissEljebel- Pocket Mirror Game Dub Pt 2- Fugitive Fox Dancer
Nuclearsheep- Rusty the Friendly Sweeper-Bot (Destiny Animation - 1F)- Rusty the Sweeper-Bot
Patronic27 Productions- Batman: White Knight - Episode 2 [Motion Comic Series] - Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Petrichor- Vice President Jocasta
Phaloo- Animated Sonic Project- Sonic Exhilaration- Honey the Cat
RB Comics- Lucy & Tommy Comic Dub - Episode 5 - Family Relations [FINAL EPISODE]
RedPhoenix15- BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Fandub) - Special Interaction Showcase - Platinum Trinity
Ryu Ematsu- Sonic the Hedgehog #1 | Comic Dub - Tails
Seanimations- I'm_Totally_Not_Dying_Inside_But_Animated
ShortyHelena- Nightcrawler ~ A Gacha Studio VO Series ~ - Stephanie
Spicevipe- RTTMOT Episode 2 - "Chicken Tech Inc." - Pandora/Mysterious Woman
SolStrifeVA- Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Kanto Gym Leaders Fandub - Misty, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax - Shizuo Heiwajima Arcade Fandub - Asuna, Talking Gym Leaders - Lets Go Pikachu - Misty, Hyrule Warriors - Sheik Transforms into Zelda + more!
Sonic & Friends- S&F Short: Metal Sonic - Peach
Sparkly6262- Wizardess Heart Meet The Cast | PREVIOUS Voice Of Ronny
The_Guy_Silver- Quick Dub 10: Anti-Chaotix - British Charmy the Bee
TJ Studio- 【Splatoon SFM】 Random Splatoon Shorts 「Season 2 - Episode 3」- Callie, 【Splatoon SFM】Orange VS Black「Episode 1」+ more!
Tobón Studios - Penelope
UntilDawnCreeps- Bunny Girl Senpai in 30 Seconds (Abridged One-Shot) - Tomoe Koga
Valerie- 【Comic Dub】Izetta, On The Weekend!【#1】
Whole Mocha- BotW Comic Dub: Coming Home
Words of Plogen- Plogeny Tales: Valerie's rest audio drama episode 1 - Reiko
Zaid Val'Roa- The Promised Neverland - Don & Gilda - Sleepy, The Promised Neverland - Leslie & Isabella - Isabella's Lullaby, The Promised Neverland - Emma & Norman - Plushie, The Promised Neverland - Norman & Emma - Cuteness, The Promised Neverland - Norman & Emma - Growth + more!
I probably missed some, but this was from the year(s) 2018-2019 alone! More to be announced soon!

"I'm currently working with Meggie-Elise on a project and she's not only on time with all of her material, but she knocks it out of the park every time! She has a wonderful voice with a beautiful tone, and add singing onto that to create a seriously talented individual. If that wasn't enough, her positive attitude and enthusiastic mentality makes her a the perfect candidate for any group. Anyone would be lucky to have Meggie-Elise on their team." - Melodiva
"Meggie is truly a dedicated person. Out of all the cast members I've brought together, she's been the most excited cast member. Always psyched to get things rolling and show off her talents. And she did just that on my "BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle" fandub, providing the voice of Platinum the Trinity.
Voicing 3 characters in one, that's definitely something she was able to execute, and had performed very well throughout her time on my project.
I couldn't ask for a better voice actress than her, and I see she has a great future ahead as a voice actress. 
Keep up the awesome work, Meggie!" - RedPhoenix15
"Meggie-Elise is very talented. It took me a while to find exactly what kind of voice I wanted for Stephanie, and her voice was perfect for it. She displays the emotions so well and for Stephanie, that's much harder then the other characters. We got her lines to me as quickly as she could, and put good effort into her lines. She was more then willing to redo when she made a mistake (And not to mention she made one mistake out of four scenes, which if you ask me, that is quite good.) So far, there has only been one episode of Nightcrawler, but I look forward to working with her further!" - Shortyhelena
"Meggie was an absolute gem to work with. She delivers her lines exceptionally well and works with you till the lines are perfect as it needs to be. Her equipment and her dynamic voice ranges make her sound as close to a professional voice actress in the entertainment industry. She will be an asset to any project." - JaxArtChannel
"She's a pretty awesome and talented voice actress with potential. Definitely have her on a couple of projects. Totally reliable with projects. I can just imagine her voice in a couple of cartoons in the future." - TheZootopianFanboy
"Man, I have got to keep an eye on this lady. She's got some real talent." - WoohooYo
"You have an incredible talent in voice acting and the examples sounded really good!" -ObliviousHD
"You have an amazing pitch and set of voices." -Drod708_playz
"You are a very talented Voice Actress. I thought some of your recordings were simply brilliant to say the least. I could totally see you working for Disney or Nickelodeon. Keep up the good work!" -Simdrew1993
"You have a lively voice. It's young, nice, peppy and full of energy." -Thwill
"Can´t stay silent, no longa...! This is gorgeous!" -Jackmack
"What a cute voice!!!" -AaronIsak
"OMG! YOUR MINNIE IS PERFECTION! AH! Great job!" -Miscatsquad
"You are one of the best female voice actors I have heard in a long time." -LeoUltima
"You've got crazy energy." -AntIzziVoices
"How are you so good at this?! Even your random sounds sound professional." - Nate Fernandez
"Meggie - Elise is one of the finest human actresses I have ever cast in an animation, surpassed only by the time I worked with intergalactic megastar Xorcth'klack on a remake of "That's My Tentacle!". She does a great job at delivering lines, is quick to provide revisions when asked, and is nice enough to not cuss me out when I accidentally ignore her e-mails for three weeks. In the event that I actually manage to finish the cartoon I hired her for some time before the Sun explodes, I would definitely seek to work with her again." -Cameron Perry
"Meggie Elise is a fantastic, talented lady. She had came in halfway through my project, due to the original voice actor losing communication with me. However she still gave excellent opinions, impressed me with her voice acting skills, and turned in her lines as quickly as possible, with them still coming out very well. I'm so glad I had the pleasure of working with this very talented person. I highly recommend hiring her in your next project." -Joshua Bamford

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this forum! I look forward to working with you!
Contact Info:
Discord: Meggie-Elise#7577

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