Lord of Hamsters Male Adult to Teen VA [Paid/Trade/Unpaid]

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Lord of Hamsters Male Adult to Teen VA [Paid/Trade/Unpaid]

#1 Post by LordofHamsters » Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:06 am

Demo Reels and Rates:
Character Reel | Commercial Reel | Narration Reel | Commission Sheet

My Website | Email: LordofHamstersVA@gmail.com | My Twitter

Studio Makeup:
Microphone: WA 47jr | Interface: PreSonus Studio 24c | Program: Audacity
Treated Home Recording Space

Do you voice for free?
I will voice for free, within reason, on the condition that the work is non-commercial, meaning, you stand to make no money off of the work. I also accept trades, as in my voice work for a copy of, or link to, the project.
Will you voice 18+ Content?
While I mainly focus on SFW content, I am willing to work 18+ content as well. Just PM me.
Do you need Deadlines?
Yes. I require deadlines for paid and free work. I organize projects and commissions by due date and then by and paid and unpaid. That way I can help with as many projects as possible while still meeting any bottom lines.
Are you willing to negotiate your rate?
Yes, I am. I understand that everyone has a different budget and needs, and am more than happy to match as many as I can, as long as its fair. Just PM me and we can work out a deal.
Can you produce a sample audition?
Gladly. Just PM me a short, preferably 2-3 lines or 30-50 words, and I will try to get you an example recording within 12 hours. I also ask that you let me know as much about the project as possible while doing so. This helps me to decide on the tone and voice that would be most appropriate for your project.
Do you do singing?
I do not advertise my singing. I have not trained for it, so I can not guarantee consistent quality. That being said, if you would like to give me a try, PM me, and I will send you a sample, if I am up to it. I will preform to the best of my ability, GUARANTEED.
Can you do creature voices?
Yes, I can, and I am more than happy to. Just PM me, and we can talk about rate.
Do you Proofread
I can provide Proofreading for your project. I can speak, read, and write English naturally, and have a firm grasp of the language. PM me and we can work out a rate.

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