(FREE) Music Composer and Foley Producer

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(FREE) Music Composer and Foley Producer

#1 Post by JAdamsMusic » Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:26 pm

I have a few years’ experience in composing music and am currently in school for music/sound production and composition. As such, I currently have access to some amazing gear which is always a bonus. I am just looking to expand my portfolio and gain more experience with different genres and projects so I am not demanding payment for anything at this time. Keep in mind I can't commit 100% of my time towards this as I do still have my schooling but nonetheless I will do my best to do what is required in the given time frame.

If you want to contact me just PM and I can give you my discord and such.

More recent work:
https://soundcloud.com/fractexmusic/set ... ss/s-76BzR

Some older, EDM work:

https://soundcloud.com/fractexmusic/jef ... es/s-XdOU1

https://soundcloud.com/fractexmusic/red ... ix/s-00Lnl

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