Experienced Composer/Arranger and Engineer

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Experienced Composer/Arranger and Engineer

#1 Post by Fluffyrobotdog » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:06 pm

Hello! My name is Matt Mahoney and I am a composer/arranger and engineer looking for some projects to help out with as well as building up my portfolio. Making songs for video games has always been strong passion of mine since I started composing - so I was very happy when I found this site. I hope I can help create personalized material for each project I work on.

I've been composing for about 6 years, and am highly capable of adapting to create styles of any kind. I have extensive experience creating electronic music, but classical, jazz and metal are also highly familiar. I am also a guitar, bass and piano player, with plenty of experience with sound design and synthesis. I've got a small portfolio of work I've done within the VN community specifically, most of which will be featured in upcoming games.

Additionally, I have extensive experience in sound recording and engineering. I have 3 years of field experience and many more of personal experience. I am capable of working in any industry standard DAW as well as many others, so I would be happy to help with any post production work, including mixing for music or voice.

I also have many years of video production experience - so I'm also available to help out with editing for preview trailers and anything of the sort. I would gladly do this for free.

My rates for music are negotiable and largely depend on the project (i.e. how many songs, the complexity of the songs, commercial v. free, etc.). I will do my absolute best to meet any requirements set by the buyer. If you want real instruments, I will find performers and do the recordings myself. For people who want a range: I'll go as low as 10 dollars a track, to has high as 70-80. This varies per track. So if you want pricing for a project, then come talk to me. I'll gladly hear out what you need and give you a price.

As for mixes I feel that 5-10 dollars a song is a reasonable price.

As for people who you can reference, there are two people I have worked with extensively who could tell you more about me.

On Lemmasoft

Samples of my work can be found at the following links

You can find my VN related work as well as some Jcore stuff here

A video I made recently,

You can contact me at a few emails, or right here on lemmasoft

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Re: Experienced Composer/Arranger and Engineer

#2 Post by Sigma » Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:13 pm

Hiya! I'm currently working with RoDo/Matt on two VNs.

Just wanted to say that he is a very flexible and reliable person to work with. I encourage those who want something more than just an overdone track to contact him. He is a very friendly person and easy to talk to.

If you want a more detailed telling of my experience working with RoDo/Matt, you're free to send me a pm as well.

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