FREE Music for YOUR Visual Novels!

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FREE Music for YOUR Visual Novels!

#1 Post by Ritaka » Tue May 30, 2017 2:07 am

I'd like to start this post off by saying, "Hi there! Thanks for clickin' on little ol' me".
I lurk around here a lot looking at various projects and how they evolve and eventually become complete, so I decided I wanted in on the fun!

I make music as a hobby and love all kinds of music. Seriously, there's really not a kind that I don't like/like to mess with. (Mixing genres!)

I'm also a really big fan of visual novels and specifically visual novel OST's (Umineko, G-Senjou, Grisaia).

Here are a few samples of my work: (It's not a ridiculous range of genres because I've just finished a move and had to leave behind a hard drive. a w k...) ... ent-thymos

But it ranges from that to anything softer, louder, faster, whatever your fancy!

I'd like to ask if you do request some help from me that you be willing to give me a few details! Such as:

What kind of style of song are you looking for? (Heavy, soft, piano-oriented, electronic, elevator music haha)
How long are you wanting it to be?
If something sounds similar out there that you want, but not quite there, let me know! References are always good to have.
Where's the music going to be used? (Dramatic entrance of a character, regular background music, suspenseful music) Audio queues are better understood with this!

I generally give my stuff in MP3's, but if you're looking for a different format, I've gotcha covered.

I'm wanting to do this as a side hobby since I'm doing this for free, but I'm definitely not gonna be slacking even so. (Also want more practice and a bigger portfolio!)
So if you're asking something of me, then it'll be a week, maybe two tops. If longer, then I'll definitely keep you updated!

Anyone that's looking for something in my style or similar, ask away! I'm definitely all ears.

You can reach me at this e-mail here:

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Re: FREE Music for YOUR Visual Novels!

#2 Post by shadowkazaki » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:01 pm

I was wondering if you've ever tried doing traditional or Asian music?

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Re: FREE Music for YOUR Visual Novels!

#3 Post by Marmalxdekid » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:04 am

hello I love your last track a lot and like that style, I'm working on an otome at the moment that has superpowers in it so I thought that style would work and if you're interested would you like to compose some music for our team?

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