Looking for free composer for our visual novel!!!

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Looking for free composer for our visual novel!!!

#1 Post by Marmalxdekid » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:20 pm

Hello we are a team working on a free otome vn about characters with superpowers!! We are in need of someone who can compose and provide music for our visual novel! We don't know many tracks will be needed but preferably someone who can compose instrumental tracks or tracks without voices.

- Must be willing to work for free (our vn is free so)
- Must be able to compose their own music
- Must be able to make a variety of types of music ranging from light-hearted to deep and powerful
- We are NOT interested in edm or house music although there are some people who are able to provide edm in the way we are looking for, those people will be an

If you're interested please private message me for further details also if you could send me a music sample that would be great ! :D

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