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JP Soundworks

#1 Post by jpsoundworks » Wed May 09, 2018 5:06 am

I am a game music composer since 2011. I am usually do music for RPG and mobile games. I will compose beautiful music exclusively for your games. My musics and sounds designed specifically as your request to bring immersible experience when play games. I love playing and exploring your games, any kind of games to pull out the potential of your game. Of course, I believe that well-composed music can bring emotion to the players.

Beside the musical compositions, I also can design and generate sound effects for games. For the latest improvements, I cooperate with several talented voice actors and song performers. This cooperation is set in order to enhance the power of my composition, also to widen the possibility and capability in handle the voice acting. Those voices will enhance the power of your games. I’ll do my best for your request.

I have ever composed musics for visual novel games like My Sweet Waifu or White Wings.

You can see and listen to my portfolio here: ... EoCTt8aFWA

Here's latest work that I made for an RPG called Insurgence: Chains of Renegades ... 932336978/

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