Musician For Hire (currently closed but messages welcome)

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Musician For Hire (currently closed but messages welcome)

#1 Post by namastaii » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:49 am

Hello all, I've decided to open up for music commissions :) (I will gradually make this post better, I promise)

First of all, you can check out my creative commons playlist here.
You can also see other work I've posted to my soundcloud as well. Unfortunately, there isn't much that I've uploaded recently but I'm looking to change that.

Some more examples:

Loopable example 1
Loopable example 2
Piano example 1
Piano example 2
Piano mixed with electronic example

Theme song example 1
Matching BGM/loopable 1
Theme song example 2
Matching BGM/loopable 2
Theme song example 3
Matching BGM/loopable 3

My rates will change depending on where life is at the time.

Current standard rate is $30 per audio minute. If the audio is more simple (a layer or two) then the price can drop. This is negotiable.
Music tracks consisting of only one instrument (such as piano) is only $15 per audio minute.

My style is pretty flexible for the most part. Just let me know what you're looking for :)

I don't require payment upfront. You will be able to preview full songs and variations of songs and if you're satisfied, I will send the audio files after payment is received. Please comment or PM if you have any questions! :)

I also have Discord: lunalucid#7684

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