Music Composer for Hire! [OPEN]

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Music Composer for Hire! [OPEN]

#1 Post by Sami-Fire » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:25 pm

Hi there, everybody! I'm Sami, and I'm opening music composition services for your visual novels, or any other project you'd like me for.

My style is very flexible, though generally I work in orchestral and chiptune-like styles reminiscent of older video games. My instrument set is going to be shifting soonish, so what you get might sound a bit different from my examples, but the works are still representative of my style. Here are the samples so you know what you're getting into! - Endlessly Fragmented Light: a song that blends organ, choir, piano, and chiptune sounds (plus synthy drums) for a peculiar modern classical effect. - Day By Day: a classical song featuring an acoustic guitar and strings for a mellow, hopeful feel. - What I Found While I Was Away: a dark, heavy, synthesized theme with a feeling of mystery and intrigue.

Here's some older samples as well, for reference. ... ern-mage-1 - A character theme for a personal story. I think it's the most "visual novel-y" in feel. ... ing-take-3 - In Hopes of Hatching - the instrumental to a vocal track that didn't quite make the cut but still sounds really nice all the same.

Now, if you like what you've heard... let's talk pricing.

- The base pricing for an instrumental song is $15 per 30 seconds. Instrument count does not affect this.
- Writing songs to fit existing lyrics may add a $5 charge due to complexity. Writing lyrics for the song I’m making for you incurs a flat $5 fee.
- If you want a lyrical song sung, I might be able to do that for you. It's an extra $15 per minute of vocals. I have a sample here: ... mine-cover
- The above prices are for non-commercial use only. Commercial use prices are subject to discussion, but expect the above costs to double at least.

Some quick terms of service notes:

- Deadlines will incur additional fees depending on how close they are, and I'll do my best to meet them.
- Please credit me wherever you use the work. Just a simple mention of Sami-Fire will do, along with a link back to my profile on Newgrounds or Soundcloud.
- I will not write any songs featuring excessively controversial material or intended to defame or insult anyone in particular. (A good-natured dis track might be fun though.)

The best way to contact me is to send an e-mail to melodicodemedley (at) gmail (dot) com. It helps if you post here letting me know you've e-mailed, too. I do have a Discord that I can give you upon request.

I think that's everything. I look forward to working with you!

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