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Music Composer (Open)

#1 Post by Composerjf » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:08 pm

Hey, thanks for dropping by! I'm Julian and I'm a music composer who specializes in orchestral music. I am open to all types of music and projects. I haven't written any music for any VNs so please forgive me if my music doesn't fit the VN style. I would love to work on VNs. I'll post below some of my music that I think would work well in a VN.

Visual Novel Potential
Here are some of my music which I think could work well in a VN. Tranquil piano + strings. ... laxingcalm Relaxing/calm guitar. Bright/happy piano. ... rystal-ost Piano with some strings in it. Melancholy piano. Might work with a spacey VN opening intro or something.


Here are some of the games I have worked on.

Dream Defender
Currently, Dream Defender is still in development. These tracks are yet to be publicized. But thanks to my awesome client, he has given me permission to show it for portfolio purposes! ... me/s-UZceh The main theme for Dream Defender. ... gm/s-qQC99 The BGM for the forest temple. ... gm/s-z9mzn Theme for a town. ... ht/s-zniSn A boss track.

Castle Swap
Game link: ... r-swap-ost General BGM. ... r-swap-ost General BGM.

Pocket Dungeon
Game link: ... -await-bgm General BGM. Battle track when you encounter a monster.


Here are my own personal works which are not tied to any projects.

Epic/Cinematic ... bloodborne Inspired by Bloodborne. Warning: Loud start.


Electronic ... electronic Made the animation too.


My rates are based on what type of license you want. Some people want the music to be exclusively theirs, others are fine with me licensing the tracks I made for them to other people, some want 100% of the music rights. Please contact me and we can figure out what works the best for you and your project.

You can also license my pre-made music. Just drop me an email on what track you want and I will check if it is available.


Please feel free to get a hold of me; I would love to hear about your project! :)

Discord: ComposerJF#4022

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