Composer into chill / kawaii music / EDM

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Composer into chill / kawaii music / EDM

#1 Post by makeawish » Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:56 pm


I’m a French composer, I've already composed music for video games since years ago, but no experience into visual novel. Quite an anime fan, I would like to experience making music for VN.

I mainly compose into chill/kawaii music/EDM, but not exclusive in these genres.

About prices or royalties just ask me about your projet and I’ll tell you. That depend of the project, just ask! ^^
EDIT: I have to notice that I don’t want to work for games based mainly on sexual content.

Now, here are my musical samples:

Chill / soundtrack-like: ... e-download

Kawaii future bass:

Future funk song (feat. Hatsune Miku): ... test-entry


All the best!

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