New Ren'py programmer mostly looking for experience

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New Ren'py programmer mostly looking for experience

#1 Post by NineBells » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:47 pm

BACKGROUND (How I Found Ren'Py)
  • Hello! I'm new to Ren'Py and Visual Novels in general although I've had a bit of programming experience in C, Java and Assembly (I haven't been programming for almost five years though I still retain enough knowledge to figure out what's happening based on the codes alone and could learn the basics of a new programming language easily.) and played quite a lot of different games. I recently found out about Ren'Py when a friend asked me to make a game for their school project. I pretty much enjoyed the whole process of making a short game from planning the story to looking for various assets to finally coding and putting the game together. However, I want to focus more on the programming side (specifically, gameplay mechanics vs GUI) as I can barely make art or music.
WHAT I CAN DO (Why you should hire me)
It's not that impressive but here goes...
  • Basic scripting If you have the script, all the artworks, and the music I can probably put them together in a short time to make a basic functional game.
  • Mini puzzle/guessing game I've had prior experience making a text-based Mastermind(the guessing game) in C. If you have a minigame that functions more or less similarly to that I can always dig out my old files to use as reference for that.
  • Points/Attributes tracking I was able to make a three-part quiz type game in Ren'Py that keeps track of how much points you have from each part and totals them in the end. I can also keep track of whether the player has gone through a specific location or done a specific action.
  • If it's in the Ren'Py Documentation or tutorial I can probably do it. Though it may take some time as I'm still learning as I go.
  • I also try to properly comment in the codes so that in case a different programmer takes over they can easily figure out what's happening/supposed to be happening.
  • I don't have much experience in GUI and a lot of stuff but if you're willing to be patient with me I'll do by best to figure it out. I just recently did some GUI work. Sample below.
  • I'm also willing to work as a sub or junior programmer under a mentor or someone who has more experience.
  • Extra stuff
    • I don't mind being used as an idea bouncer/idea sounding board/playing devil's advocate as I love taking things apart, finding flaws and covering/finding logical solutions for them.
    • I think I have a fairly good grasp of English spelling and grammar and could do some proofreading.
    • And I can also try translating from Filipino to English or English to Filipino.
PREFERENCES (What I'm willing to work on)
  • I'd like to work on small, simple and quick projects for now since I'm not financially stable and have to look for a source of income. However, if your project is interesting enough to me and you don't have a set deadline then I might be willing to work on your project.
    Also, if your project contains something I haven't tried doing yet and is not too intimidating for me and you're not in a real hurry, I'll gladly welcome the challenge and learn something new in the process.
    Content-wise as a programmer, I'm OK with most stuff and I don't really mind a lot of things but if you're unsure you could always ask. :)
PRICES (How much you're gonna owe me)
  • For Non-commercial projects
    • If it's short and simple (less than a week spent working), I'll work on it for free.
      If it's a bit longer and more complex, pay what you want. It's OK if you can't/don't want to pay anything since it's a Non-commercial Project. A simple thank-you and credit would always suffice. :lol:
  • For Commercial projects
    • I haven't figured this one out but contact me by PM or through this thread if you have any offers. I prefer to be paid per task than by an hourly rate since I barely keep track of the hours when I work and I work in weird times. Some days I don't sleep and work all day, some days I don't do anything but stare at the screen until I get sleepy.
SAMPLES/FINISHED WORKS (See what I made here)
Apologies if I'm not allowed to post these things here.
  • This is the first thing I've done on Ren'Py. Apologies if the story and dialogues are cringy but it was my first time writing and I was working in blind panic and exhaustion at some point. I probably spent around 5 days on this. Days 1-4 was spent procrastinating (because I'm annoyed that I have to do everything though I was paid generously for my trouble), planning the story, and shopping for free to use sprites. The last 24 hours was spent fumbling through the dialogues, remembering that I didn't have any backgrounds to use and looking for them and doing minor edits on them in Photoshop to mesh with character sprites, and figuring out how to code in Ren'py. I probably finished around 4 hours before the deadline. But then I read the specs given in class and figured this might not fit so I ended up making another game...
    school project.rar
    First game done on Ren'Py!
    (6.19 MiB) Downloaded 35 times
  • ...which is this one. I spent around 3 hours doing this. I already had a lot of character sprites and backgrounds to choose and recycle from but it took a bit of time to think of questions I can use for the quiz part and somehow make them fit a theme based on what background I was using for that part. Again, I'm sorry if the dialogues are crappy. I was very, very exhausted at this point as I haven't gotten any sleep the day before due to working on the previous project mentioned above.
    (3.38 MiB) Downloaded 24 times
  • My first time working on GUI! It was pretty challenging and exciting, with me going from absolute zero experience with GUI customization and ATL to doing something pretty cool in the main menu. This is the main menu for an ongoing project called Diligent Detectives with Kumii, our writer, and Mieu, our artist (go check out their work here). File was given to me on August 15. Worked on the foreground and finished it by August 18. That was the fun and easy part. Started working on the button then got stuck. Got a bit depressed about it and stopped working on the damned buttons. Did some more research about imagebuttons, ATL and Live Composite. Was planning on asking around the forums but decided that I can solve this by myself. Stared at the code for days hours until I finally realized why the code isn't working. Finally finished the main menu September 4. Asked permission to upload it here and permission was granted so here it is.
    Main menu for the game.
    (3.98 MiB) Downloaded 19 times
CONTACT (How to find me)
You can get in touch with me via this thread, through PM, or via email. I also have a Discord account but I am currently unable to do voice chat.
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Re: New Ren'py programmer mostly looking for experience

#2 Post by NineBells » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:07 am

Current projects:
Forsaken:Wish (waiting for files and further instructions)
Diligent Detectives (current progress: main menu done; waiting for further files and instructions)
TLH: Freud Was Right (current progress: GUI almost done, just the preferences screen left; variable testing and display done; time of day display done; currently working on adding events for demo release)
Songs and Symphonies (waiting for files and further instructions)

September 5, 2017
Uploaded sample of Main Menu GUI work I've recently done.
Minor edits to first post.
Hi. I'm a programmer. I'm currently available for short or simple projects. Check out my thread here.

Want to see how I work? Check out my blog!

One of my teams also has a blog here. Check it out for updates on our game TLH: Freud Was Right.

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