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Director, Project Coordinator

#1 Post by Kuroi_Usagi » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:57 pm

Hello, you wonderful individuals. I'm here to advertise something different, and that is my services as a director and coordinator.

Have you ever felt like you were lagging behind? Maybe your projects are going slower than a snail's pace, and you are seeing the slow death of your work down the seemingly endless tunnel that is production. Or perhaps, you just aren't sure how to negotiate or find the right people to fit your vision? All those assets and information a jumbled mess that need organizing?

I can be your solution to that and more. As a former student organization leader for five years, I've held positions that required me to put on events for hundreds of fellow students and faculty. Such events involved producing and directing full-act plays, scout local and foreign talent, recruit and manage cast and crews. I have also had tens of thousands of dollars pass through my hands, budgeting where necessary and funding through sponsors.

I am no stranger to deadlines and being an extra hand or voice should the need arise. If you would like to see a resume, request a cover letter, or see some of the work I've done, please do not hesitate to ask and I will supply you one/a link.

My service is free of charge.

I am open to accepting payment, and would therefore prioritize your project above unpaid ones. In either instances, I do expect to be credited in the production.

I ask for interested parties to pitch me what their project is and how far along it has come. I will only select your project(s) if I believe, with my extra set of hands, we can bring the project to fruition. However, even if you are somewhat unsure, please message me anyway. It doesn't hurt to try, and simple consultation is free.
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