[Free] Unity Programmer Looking for a Project!

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[Free] Unity Programmer Looking for a Project!

#1 Post by RyuKing » Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:27 am

Hello there!
I’m a Unity programmer looking for a project and I’ll be offering my services to you for free! (As long as your project is also free of course)

Projects that I’d like:
  • [BxG] [GxB] [GxG]
Projects that I won’t accept:
  • 18+ (ecchi is ok though)
  • [BxB]
Things I can do:
  • Code using C# in Unity 3D all complete with proper documentation
  • Make Custom UI (Not including the assets or art - I can edit/improve your assets though. I just can't make them from scratch RIP creativity)
  • Make a GDD (Game Design Document) for the game
  • Brainstorm with you
Since this is in Unity, if you have non-traditional visual novel ideas like mini-games, it should be easy to implement.

I can also do a lot more like creating a website and marketing the game but I won’t be doing that unless the project seems to be really promising.

As for qualifications I just recently got my Bachelor’s Degree in CS and all of my projects are for business processes, but my hobby is game development and I’ve been working with Unity for about 2 years on my spare time.

You can contact me here or privately message my profile. I hope to have fun and maybe learn about making art or creative writing with you guys thanks! :D

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