VisualNovel Maker user that would take part in Free projects.

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VisualNovel Maker user that would take part in Free projects.

#1 Post by GratoNite » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:12 am

Hey! I'm a user of Visual Novel Maker on Steam. :mrgreen:
I don't work for money because i'm not experienced enough and i want to make while learning :D

I want to get better at the program while working on the project. I'll work free because i'm still not familiar enough to the software for now. :lol:
So...i actually want a project to keep my interest in the software because i have totally no idea what to make right now. :roll:

I made some VNs but most of them were dropped/scrapped midway because of bad story and cheesy dialogues (i can't write okay) :lol:
So yeah.. would be nice to get an experience from a team and actually get better in the software and until then i'm ready to make my own project :D
If you're interested. you can PM me or even contact my facebook for faster responses, possibly my Steam profile too.

Facebook :
Steam :

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