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Ren'py programmer/coder [FREE & PAID][BUSY]

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:15 pm
by 78909087

I'm Pacermist, better known as Pace. I'm a freelancer with some experience, mainly in Ren'py.
I've been studying Python to better understand the systems, and I'm looking for work that will help me improve as a programmer.
If your game is complete, or near to being complete, I will prioritize it's work.

See the Demo for LETHE as evidence of my (older) coding skills.
Experience in Python/Ren'py

I'm open to all genres and topics, including LGBT+, furry, 18+ and gore.
If you think your project might be too sensitive, just shoot me a PM and I'll let you know.

Things I am confident with:
Narrative Scripting
Choice/menu implementation
GUI coding (with provided assets)

Things I can do with time:
Custom Screens (CG galleries, glossaries, etc)

Things I am willing to work on and learn:
Inventory Systems
Making a website/social media page
Managing a website/social media page
Minigames (with provided assets)

I am open to negotiation, including to budgets, trades, and even free projects, under the right circumstances.
Please note if you are a free project, I will prioritize paid work.

These prices are only general quotes, and will be personalized to the project! Please be sure to PM me any questions.
All prices are in AUD. Please check this against your currency!
These prices may change in the future!

Confident work:
Narrative Scripting: $40 per 10k words
Complex choices (screen): $10 per screen
GUI coding (with provided assets): $50+ depending on difficulty
Stat-raising system including screen: $50+ depending on difficulty

Custom screens (glossaries, CG galleries, etc.) $60+ depending on difficulty

Things I am willing to try:
I am unwilling to put a price to these skills at the moment, but instead ask for patience and flexibility.
Inventory Systems
Making a website/social media page
Managing a website/social media page
Minigames (with provided assets)

All corrections (where I didn't follow your initial instructions) are free!
I offer 1 free revision (when you change your mind about what you would like) but will charge a percentage per additional revision.

Please discuss any additional requests with me, I may be able to fulfill them!

I am taking payment via Paypal. We can discuss payment options in PM.

Thanks for your consideration :)

Re: Ren'py programmer/coder [FREE & PAID][BUSY]

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:31 pm
by 78909087
For those who are interested. I have accepted a project at the moment and so I am working on that. I am still open for work, but may reject especially large jobs.