Renpy Programmer available for Hire!

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Renpy Programmer available for Hire!

#1 Post by polisummer » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:30 pm


I am an experienced and fast-working Renpy programmer looking for work. I can program dialogue, character animations, clothing, special GUIs, GUI animations, complex point systems, point and click adventure systems, background animations, branching narrative paths, and so on.

I can work for flat rates or for percentage deals if the project will be commercial. I only charge either by the month or all at once for the entire project if it is short enough. I do not charge by the hour. My starting price is open to negotiation by project. Payment should be done through PayPal.

Geners I will do:
Any genre and content is fine except for furry or guro (gore). Just send me a PM and we can discuss it!

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