[PAID] Ameatur Ren'Py Programmer

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[PAID] Ameatur Ren'Py Programmer

#1 Post by Plumo » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:51 am

Hello everybody; my name is Kofi although if you prefer to call me by my screen-name, Plumo, feel free!

I will start off by saying a tad about myself; I am a teenager from Northern Ireland who has a passion for Visual Novels and I have always wanted to be a developer of one. I am making this post to try and get my name out in the industry and perhaps use my skills to get somebody's project off the ground.

My rates are negotiable although they are starting as follows;
2,500 words $7.50

5,000 words $15.00

10,000 words $25.00

I can only accept payment through PayPal.

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