[Paid] I'm a gamemaker programmer looking for work

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[Paid] I'm a gamemaker programmer looking for work

#1 Post by gintokidev » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:35 pm

HI I'm Gintoki Dev, A Programmer and hobbyst artist looking for work, I have experiencie with 2 games, Devious VN of Top Hat Studios in a full route and making a 3D simple game in Gamemaker 8 / Gamemaker Studio 1.4.

I'm open to negotiate rates depending of the project.

Other knowledge/skills:

-3D lowpoly modelling.
-Basic drawing.


in scripting: $2.30 USD per page.

Other: depend of the task.

What I can do:

3D basic games.
2D games.
Alpha games.

What I can't do:

Any network/online programming.
Complex mobile games.

Payment method:

Paypal, half or thrid part of the cost will be done for start the work, and the remainder payment will be made when the job is done.


The client will have accesss to a calendar where the progress of the commision will be showed and constant communitacion with the dev dia Discord, Twitter or E-mail.

You can contact me for any commision via Twitter, Lemmasoft or in Discord to "Gintoki DEV#8583".

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