[AVAILABLE] Programming, game design, consulting

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[AVAILABLE] Programming, game design, consulting

#1 Post by drKlauz » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:34 am

STATUS UPDATE (15 Sep 2018): AVAILABLE, schedule pretty clean, would love big projects

Hi, i'm experienced programmer, looking for new projects to fill my schedule.

Interested in programming your game, designing game mechanics, providing gamedev consultation services.

Fluent Python (RenPy, web, native standalone apps), JavaScript (web, app scripting), C/Delphi (native apps, performance accelerators for Python-based code), some other talents 8)

What i can do:
- Custom GUI (standard game screens, weird layouts, unusual elements)
- Minigames (from simple to complex)
- RPG mechanics (xp stats, perks, buffs, relations, items, inventory, trading, combat, travel etc)
- Create game skeleton for you to fill (for simple games)
- Arrange extensible class hierarchy (for more complex games)
- Fix bugs in existing code
- Improve performance
- and other things (including these inspired by doki-doki)

What i won't do:
- Unity
- iOS/Android/Steam integration

I'm adult and can work on NSFW projects.

Prefer long-term projects, but don't mind small tasks.
Prefer to work on fresh projects or isolated tasks, but can work on existing codebases and adapt to existing codestyle.

Interested in paid position, can discuss rev-share options.
Pricing depend on how busy i am, if i'm interested in project, is project commercial or just hobby stuff.
To make things bit more clear. General per-task/consulting range you can expect is 10-20$/hr. Complete game range: VN - $500-$1000, VN/RPG hybrid - $1500-$3000.

If you want to hire me or just have questions, don't hesitate to contact me:
- pm me here on lemma
- Discord: drKlauz#2584

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