Complete GUI design and creation team [PAID]

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Complete GUI design and creation team [PAID]

#1 Post by Bartulisica » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm


we are a team of two, a programmer and an artist with a focus on developing UI/UX for Visual Novels.
We are offering complete, unique and affordable UIs for your games.

Our team consists of:
Vajsko430, a visual designer/artist with over 3 years of experience in VN development. He is a professional designer with a BA in graphic design, who can handle conceptual, creative and technical aspects of design. He is currently working as a lead artist and writer on Wheel of Fortune, which is soon to be released.

ArizonaIdentities, a VN programmer with 3 years of experience who has worked on more than 20 different projects, including DarkCookie's Summertime Saga, Panzer Hearts, Caffeine and others. ArizonaIdentities is well-versed on all aspects of programming for visual novels, and UI is just a part of the package.

We have been cooperating on various projects since 2015, and have achieved a great level of communication between us. Our aim is not only to get the job done, but also help make great ideas happen in the most optimal way. In the past, we received praises form our commisioners for great communication and flexibility.

If you are in need of a GUI for your game, feel free to contact us and let's work together to make your ideas come to life!

You can PM me on Lemmasoft Forum or reach us both directly on our Discord Server:


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