[Paid](Open) Ren'Py Script and GUI Programmer

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[Paid](Open) Ren'Py Script and GUI Programmer

#1 Post by Ende » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:00 pm

Hello! My name is Ende, and I am an indie visual novel developer continuously looking to gain more experience through proofreading, editing, and Ren'Py programming.

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[Paid](Open) Proofreader and Editor


  • Ren'Py Script Programming
    I will code a plain text script into a working Ren'Py script.
    • Characters/Sprites
    • Dialogue/Monologue
    • Nameable MC
    • Choices and complex conditions
    • BGs/CGs
    • Music/SFXs
    • Stat/Point system
    • Scripting ($0.04 per line)
    • Defining ($0.05 per line)
    • ATL ($0.05 per line)
    • Layered Images ($0.10 per line, includes any code related to the images, ie. blinking animation)
    • [Slot 1] : CLOSED
    • [Slot 2] : OPEN
  • Ren'Py GUI Programming
    I will code custom screens to suit your game's needs.
    • Edit default GUI code
    • Apply provided custom GUI
    • Stat pages, Galleries, and Music Rooms
    • Create custom screens
    • Animations
    • Screens ($0.10 per line, includes any code related to the screen, ie. animated images)
    • [Slot 1] : OPEN

  • Preferred genres (but not limited to)
    • Horror/Suspense/Thriller
    • Psychological
    • Friendship
    • Light/casual romance
    • Mystery
    • Action/Adventure
  • What I can work with
    • Blood/Gore
    • R-18/NSFW
    • LGBTQ+
  • What I won't work with
    • Heavily medieval
    • Medical (advanced terminology)
    • Mid-western
    • Sports-centric
    • Vore

  • I reserve the right to decline requests.
  • Payment plans are negotiable as long as you are respectful.
  • I request to be included in a project's credits in exchange for my work.

I only accept payments through PayPal, primarily via invoice. A $50 initial fee is required before I begin work. I charge by line count from then onward, and a PDF report showing the price breakdown (including line count for works in progress) will be provided every payment.

  • Discord: Ende#4770
  • Email: ende.notes(at)gmail.com
  • Lemma Soft PM
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Re: [Free/Paid](Open) Ren'Py Script Programmer | Schedule Calendar and Story Map Creator

#2 Post by margaretcatter » Tue May 14, 2019 6:22 pm

Sent you a request in discord

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