Experienced Programmer For Hire/Rev-Share/Service Trade

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Experienced Programmer For Hire/Rev-Share/Service Trade

#1 Post by AstralWire » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:38 pm

I'm a professional programmer working in the video game industry for 4 years now. I'm looking to expand my experience and knowledge by working with independent studios.

If you want a highly skilled, trained programmer, look no further. I ensure only the highest quality of work.
I'm comfortable working with 18+ and NSFW themes.

I'm have experience in coding a lot of things, including but not limited to:
  • Python: I'm very comfortable with Ren'Py and Python.
  • Unity: I'm proficient at both 2D and 3D game development in Unity.
  • Java: This is what I used for the most part in the beginning of my career, I can program features for it.
  • Ruby: I can create custom scripts for RPG Maker MV, as well as coding in Ruby in general.
  • Web Development: I know how to use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build web pages.
  • Google App Maker: This one is a little new, Google App Maker is a tool that allows anyone to make apps. However, I can create custom scripts and coding for your apps to enhance it's capability.
What I can do:
  • Custom GUI
  • Combat system, inventory system, questing system, trading, class hierachy, skills, etc.
  • Character customization
  • 2D and 3D animations/cut-ins (with required assets provided)
  • Minigames
  • Location/Map system
  • Stat Raising
  • Porting games to other devices (e.g Desktop to Android, etc.)
  • Steam achievements and other steam-related features.
  • ...and pretty much anything you can think of.
  • Payment is only required after I have finished coding your required feature(s). But I will draft a contract to ensure I get proper compensation.
  • I'm very, very flexible when it comes to pricing. Just let me know your budget and what you need, and I'm sure we can agree on something.
  • When it comes to Rev-Share/Kickstarter, I only work on projects that I'm interested in. I'm also quite picky.
  • Kickstarter: I will give a quote for how much the service is estimated to cost. Then, I will draft up a contract to ensure payment once the Kickstarter is funded. I will only code features required for the demo, not any more.
  • Rev-Share: I will charge 20% of my usual fees upfront. After that, depending on the work needed, I will take a cut of the sales every month. For example, if you need a full-fledged RPG game and system coded, I will take around 60% of the sales. If you just need a few simple features here and there, I'm satisfied with just taking around 10-15% of the sales. So, it really depends.
  • Service Trade: I myself am creating a couple of Visual Novels, so I'm willing to program parts (or all) of your game in exchange for assets for mine. I'm looking for: Artists of all types (BG, GUI, Sprite, CG, etc.) and composers.
  • Discounts: I offer significant discounts for games with themes that I'm interested in working with. They can be seen below.
Games that I will discount for:
  • LGBT+ characters/themes
  • RPG Maker MV (I just find it so fun to work with)
  • Romance focused
  • High quality art and writing
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
Professional programmer with four years experience in the Video Game Industry.
Can't afford a programmer but have art skills? No problem! Check this out
Would you like Live2D animation for your sprites but are working on a limited budget? You can always negotiate with me.

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Re: Experienced Programmer For Hire/Rev-Share/Service Trade

#2 Post by KonekoSoft » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:16 pm

Do not hire this scammer. This guy is not a programmer.
Disappeared right after we send the test game!
Don't take a risk!


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