Marketing Consultant [Free Closed] [Paid Open]

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Marketing Consultant [Free Closed] [Paid Open]

#1 Post by Mikomi » Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:03 am

Edit 1/11: Advice for free is now closed for the time being, but I'm still open for personalized paid marketing!

Hi guys! I typically do marketing advice in the form of blog posts on my site but I think it's time I branch out further and get more projects that I've aided with under my belt.

✨ A Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Miko, also known as Mikomi Kisomi! I own Crystal Game Works, a small visual novel & RPG development company. Earlier this year I released That Which Binds Us on Steam and through it I learned a lot on how not to release a commercial game. I spent the next couple months drilling through marketing sites and experimenting and analyzing what I did wrong- and now, I want to help others before they click release on Steam.

✨ What I'm Offering for Free

Nothing at the moment! Stay tuned to my blog posts for my marketing advice there.

✨ What I'm Offering for Hire

For payment I will provide detailed advice, stepping you through the process, and post on social media and contact press for you, for a limited amount of time depending on the project. An EXAMPLE (not set in stone) of my prices for this would be as such:

$100 + 2% Rev Share = very personalized indepth advice, I help set up social media posts and threads + 5 press emails sent for a playable demo/build

These prices can change depending on what you'd prefer and the type of project (such as if you'd want more press emails sent than posts scheduled or would like something different such as Reddit/Lemmasoft posts).

✨ Limitations

I have my own projects in progress so I will be doing these based on availability and I reserve the right to turn projects down, especially paid ones. I am not comfortable doing eroge or furry projects (not much experience in those fields so I don't know as many people in them, but you can ask anyway and I might be able to send you in a good direction) but everything else should be okay, just be clear about what the project entails.

:arrow: :arrow: If interested, please DM me either here or on Discord (Miko#9009) and tell me about your project, providing any links you think necessary (such as Itchio, Twitter, etc.).
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Freelance marketer- DM if interested!

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Re: Marketing Consultant [Free / Paid]

#2 Post by Chenko » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:37 pm

In the last weeks, we've released Breacher Story and Life in Helsinki on Steam and to help with the marketing effort I asked Mikomi if he could join our tiny team. Lucky for us, he accepted. :)

Mikomi is concise, polite and direct. His knowledge of the visual novel/Reddit/discord community contributed greatly to assure both our games had a greater impact during the released and the following days. His experience with social media helped focus our Tweets and messaging and, as we all know, better tweets mean better visibility. His on-going advice during those crucial stages is truly appreciated!

Thank you Mikomi!

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