[Free][Closed] Programmer and Scripter, Ready to Help!

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[Free][Closed] Programmer and Scripter, Ready to Help!

#1 Post by IronForPistons » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:07 pm

Hi there! My name is IronForPistons, but feel free to call me Iron. I'm an enthusiast of anime and visual novels, and I am looking to gain experience in Ren'Py programming!

I have been active in the indie Visual Novel scene for a while, but up until now, only as a proofreader and editor. I would like to expand my services to include Programming and Scripting! I have been programming on and off for at least five years, and have been learning the Ren'Py language for over five months. I feel comfortable enough with the language now to offer my services.

What I can do:
  • Scripting
    • Converting a script written in plain text to code.
  • Sprite Direction
    • Choosing how, where, and when to display certain sprites, and/or programming this into the game.
  • Complex sprite programming
    • Different ways of programming and animating your sprites, including LayeredImage, LiveComposite, and ConditionSwitch.
  • Custom screens
    • Affection meters, in-game wikis, etc
  • Other things? Don't hesitate to ask!
As far as what types of projects I'm willing to work on, I am open to anything that isn't NSFW/18+.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me through email (ironforpistons[at]gmail.com) or Discord (IronForPistons#3094)!

P.S. I also offer free editing and proofreading services! Please check out my other thread for more information!
Feel free to call me Iron!

Interested in editing or proofreading services? I do both, for free or trade!

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