I'm a Ren'Py Programmer & GUI Designer

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I'm a Ren'Py Programmer & GUI Designer

#1 Post by namastaii » Thu Sep 26, 2019 4:41 pm

Status: Closed
I have 5+ years experience with Ren'Py, 7+ years with Python, and I also know HTML, CSS, and some Javascript
My GitHub is lunalucid

To give you an idea of where my skills are, I'm currently developing a Ren'Py tool where you can visually lay out and customize your own GUI without using any code. I'm not sure how intricate this will end up being but I've been enjoying working on it so far. After you've customized the GUI you'd like to use for your game, you would simply have the tool create a folder you'd put in the Ren'Py directory the same way you would any other game folder.

I've also released a couple of cookbook things here and there.

  • Here is a dress-up/character customization template you can use for your games or use as a guide
  • Here is a tutorial on click-to-type text inputs for screens. There are 3 versions in this (and a link to the old versions in the thread). There's a button version, an imagemap version, and then a more playful imagemap version you can play with if you download the file. It is a little computer desktop simulation - which I planning on turning into something more complex one day to release for purchase as a template perhaps.
  • Here is a tutorial on creating animated buttons. There are three versions.

I have a couple of free GUI templates available for Creative Commons that you can find either in my signature on my resources page or my itch page. These are really simple and I'm in the process of creating more free & paid GUI/theme templates. I design these from scratch but also code them into the game so if you download these, there is no work needed on your end.

So I'm offering both programming and GUI design work.

These are my current rates, subject to change and can be adjusted to fit your situation (I'll list some basic examples here but we can discuss things that aren't on this list)
  • Basic scripting | $ 30 per 5,000 words
  • Dynamic character sprites | $ 15 per sprite - basic | $ 25 per sprite - complex
  • Dress-up screen |$ 50+
  • Custom screen | $ 35 - basic | $ 50+ - complex
  • Custom GUI implementation | $ 75 - basic | $ 100+ - complex
  • Advanced screens & Systems| $ 150+
  • Designated programmer role | Varies
GUI Design (with & without programming)
  • Simple GUI design | $ 75 - design only | $ 125 - design & implemented
  • Complex GUI design | $ 115 - design only | $ 180+ - design & implemented
  • Dress-up screen | $ 80+ - design & implemented
  • Custom screen design | $ 50 - basic design & implementation | $ 75+ - complex design & implementation
  • Advanced screen design | $ 150+ - design only | $ 250+ - design & implementation

Further details:

Basic Scripting - Dialogue, menu choices, labels & structure, character definitions etc. All material needs to be provided
Dynamic character sprites - Characters that change expressions, clothes, etc. Graphics must be provided.
Dress-up screen - A screen that will allow the player to customize their character. Graphics must be provided.
Custom Screen - Any graphics for these must be provided. I can tell you if your screen request is considered basic or complex.
Custom GUI implementation - If you'd like to use your own theme/GUI for your game and have the art/graphics for it, I can set it up. I'd prefer to have the PSD files.
Advanced screens & systems - Functional cell phones, computer desktop simulations, Inventory systems etc. Please PM me for an estimate based on your needs.
Designated programmer role - This would really depend on the project so let's discuss :) I would be organizing your project, utilizing Github, get involved with team collaboration and help you set up any team project management tools you'd like to use. This could be an hourly or weekly rate or a percentage of crowdfunding earnings as long as there is any. We can also set up a price per task, whatever you're most comfortable with. If I'm on the team programming, completing tasks similar to those in this rates list will not apply the same, they will just be part of our long term agreement.

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