(Open) (Paid / Free) Python, Advanced Ren'Py, Web, and more - fast, reliable, and versatile!

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(Open) (Paid / Free) Python, Advanced Ren'Py, Web, and more - fast, reliable, and versatile!

#1 Post by Rydetox » Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:42 pm

Hi there! My name is Ryde. I've been a one-man creation team for a long time, so I've leaned to become a very useful asset in any part of a game's development process. I just published my long-term project, and I'm looking for something new to work on: if you need help, I'm here for you!

I'm familiar with a lot of programming languages, but I can offer a very extensive knowledge of working with Ren'Py, and several years' of Python experience. My specialty is creating features, screens, and graphics that are easy to understand, utilize, and reuse. I excel at making templates and game bases. I also am very familiar with Ren'Py's advanced features, so I can help take your Ren'Py game to the next level with features that make your game stand out! Additionally, I can build you an interactive and responsive website, design graphics and advertisements for your brand, and more.

I'm largely seeking compensation for my work, but I can offer my services for a very affordable rate that takes into consideration your budget. I'm happy to work with any kind of developers or project, regardless of level of experience or scope of the project - I'm really hoping to expand my portfolio of work! With that said, if you're interested in anything I offer and your project is without a budget, I'm open to contributing to other projects with credit, depending on what the project is and if I think we'd be a good fit. Please tell me about your project, and what you'd like me to do for you!

What I can do for you:

I can help program your game, write the story, and publish the material around your game - websites, ads, etc.

For Ren'Py-specific projects, some things I can make for you include...
  • Basic Ren'Py Features - Setting up a game base / template, defining characters, locations, stats, GUI, etc.
  • Advanced Features - In-game Updater, Updatable Website Content in Game, Player Customizing Screens / Profiles, Daily Login Events/Reward
  • Advanced Screen Design - Visually appealing custom GUI and custom Screens, Reusable Screens for multiple purposes
  • Engines - Systems made from scratch incl. Stats and Leveling, Money System, Shop, Inventory, Battle, "Cheat Codes", Unlockables, Time of Day...
  • User Interaction - Exploring Locations, Interactive Maps, Timed Events, User Input (e.g. Letter Writing), for a more hands-on experience
  • Scene Effects - Layered Backgrounds, Subtle Animation, Changed resources for time of day, Particle Effects, etc. to give life to otherwise static scenes
  • Animation Effects - Animate sprites and images for visual effect, show emotion through particles / visual effect
Examples of Ren'Py Visual Work
(Click for animation example)
(Top left) A gameplay screenshot, (top right) a dynamic level select screen, (bottom left) a profile with customizable icon & header, ft. achievements, stats, player username, and money, and (bottom right) animated end of episode screen with changable color scheme, background, text, and more
For an example of a full game's worth of my work, check out my newest solo-project over here, downloadable on ITCH.IO
Other Relevant Skills:
  • Website Design
    Graphic Design
    Video Editing
    HTML, CSS, C#, Java
How to Contact Me:
  • Either send me a PM here, or
    Send an e-mail to ryde.work@gmail.com, or
    Contact me on Discord, at Rydetox#8329
If you have any questions, want a quote, want to tell me about your project, whatever it is, don't hesitate to hit me up! I look forward to hearing from you! Have a super fantastic day.

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Re: (Open) (Paid / Free) Python, Advanced Ren'Py, Web, and more - fast, reliable, and versatile!

#2 Post by treoes » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:09 am

Review of Rydetox services

Simply awesome. 8)

I have been working with Rydetox for the last few weeks. I needed a coder for my renpy game form the ground up. As I am not a coder he explained what is possible to achieve with renpy and how to build proper code for the future possibility of upgrades (even with my so so specification).

He commented his code in a way that even I understood what was going on. Also, answered all my questions and gave extensive reports via email.

I highly recommend him for whole projects or minor tasks.

I will work with him on the design/GUI part and will report how it went.

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