[Open][ [Free/Paid/Revshare] RenPy Programmer Looking For Project.

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[Open][ [Free/Paid/Revshare] RenPy Programmer Looking For Project.

#1 Post by Maxfield » Thu May 13, 2021 8:16 am

Hi there,
I'm looking for more work experience to expand my ability in RenPy and to help you in your project you want to make. I'm ok with unpaid project, as long as the project offered is a serious one, I have my share of an unfinished project and I want only a serious project. I'm willing to give all my best for the project. I prefer to not do a nsfw project, but willing to compromise if it's just to some degree, so, if I'm your guy, contact me here or at my discord: Maxfield#7044

Thanks, and see you around.

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