are u a WRITER?

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are u a WRITER?

#1 Post by ReaLciciLia » Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:12 pm

Hello everyone!
We are C-ify Studio, we want to make a wide variety of games including Visual Novel as much as possible!
We have 4 candidates of programmers, 2 composers, 2 animators &
(please message us to see samples of their image results).
Okay, as you can see, we have a lot of illustrators who worked with us, but WE LACK THE AUTHORS! In fact, we dare to accept even as many writers as possible! (Aww, me and my big mouth, LOL).
In other words, this is an opportunity for you all writers who want to create well-qualified VISUAL NOVEL!
If you are interested, the plot, descriptions, characters, concepts, genres, climax, points, multiple endings, etc, ALL IS UP TO YOU!! We provide the opportunity for you to CREATE AMAZING STORY (original by YOU)!

Maybe you want to read this? It can provide a better experience for you (YES, except if you are already a professional. LOL): ... l=&start=5 ... isualNovel

1. Project Results will be commercialized. Well, you know, it is all about social media and who is better at using it. (Even we also hoped that the projects can be qualified to be included in ios, Google Play Store, , etc.)
2. You must be active in this forum and you must also have an LINE id ( and a paypal account.
3. You have to give us your IDENTITY CARD (or certificate/birth certificate/visa/passport/ anything that was named after you). [don't ask why we need it, just give it to us if you really want to work with us]
4. Tell us how many total words you want to create. The minimum of TOTAL story you make must at least 150,000 words (the more words the better)
5. You must master English (Who wants errors of grammar / spelling in the story?)
6. You will get the payment after the games are already marketed (now, price-wise, we'll let you decide what works best for you. Just message us and tell how many percent / month you want your commission will be or the payment will be per year) ^^
7. You must have a paypal account. We will send the fee through paypal accounts, but we do not bear the tax.
8. Once you've agreed with our contract, you are required to type 6000 words / week (even if you could do more, that’s better! I sure you also want the project is done as soon as possible, is not it?)
9. Each week you should show how far your progress is. Since our members will try to make the visualization (e.g. 'Illustration')
10. If within a week, you do not type 6,000 words, you will get penalty (sorry, this is for, then we can know how SERIOUS you are in undergo this project).
11. If you already get penalty 5 times, then it is our RIGHT to dismiss you from the project you are doing (your story will also be eliminated, so it is up to you). Then, you must be return the 100% of the loss resulted from the works that have been produced by our illustrators in form USD (if you already pay it, the results of the illustrations will be yours, but our illustrators get the rights of their credit). They already struggle drawing 'something' from you story, but you are NOT SERIOUS AS IF THEY YOU DO NOT CARE WITH THEIR EFFORT. Just realize that they are also human beings, they have their lives, they are like you! Because of that, from now on, I beg you who are interested in following this project, to think it seriously, so you and I will be equally convenient, is not it? ^^ (Although we create bad impression by saying so, but we are still kind. Why? Because though you already WASTING OUR TIME and let’s say we have produced the soundtrack, GUI, etc. that have been generated by our team, we do not ask you to pay for them. We just charge the loss for the illustration) ^^
12. You have to write story with the format that we have defined. Please message us to know the writing format.
13. Prepare samples / results writings that you have created.
14. After making the neat plot / timeline / synopsys / description / caption character, description of their looks as well and the story that we have decided, we will try as soon as possible to make the sprite character of it.
15. We'll publish the game under "C-ify Studio" but of course you get credited as the writer.
16. No need to ask about the 'Name' or 'Who will make picture? ' or 'Who will make the soundtrack? ', C-ify the studio will care of it.

Okay, we admit that the C-ify studio is new and even now we have not resulted any game yet. Yet, I can ensure that the members are professional in their respective fields and are in one vision and Thus C-ify Studio was born! But still, we just want to make a wide range of products, mainly visual novels. Because of that, we need you, the WRITER!
Do not message us if you are still unsure / did not intend to join us. Since all will be useless if there is no trust of each other from the very beginning. Anyway, I'm sure we'll really get along! ^^
Oh yeah and one more, do not ask whether C-ify studio has its own website?', So, as you can see, C-ify Studio was newly born and now we are in our way of making our official website.

Nevertheless, these are social media that we have made so far:
our Website & FB : Coming soon
Google Plus :
Twitter :
TumbLr :
Pinterest :
Youtube : (We'll upload some soundtracks on youtube, so subcribe now!)

Maybe some of you guys are wondering, why we are confident to look for so many writers?
Well, we will notify one of our secrets to you all, to make a Visual Novel, our programmers use a Framework which is dedicated to make a Visual Novel. The Framework is to simplify and speed up the process of our Visual Novel. This framework is purely made by our studio.
So, how? Interested to become our WRITER? What are you waiting for?
-Real Name :
-Username in Lemma soft :
-IDENTITY CARD (or certificate/birth certificate/visa/passport/ anything that was named after you) :
-Sample / Your experience in writing :
-Phone Number :
-Country : (I'm wondering of our freaky timezone. LOL)
-Email :
-PaypaL email :
-Black Berry Messenger :
-LINE (naver) :
-How long the game's gonna be (word count rough estimate) : words
-The detail of story (characters, gameplay, etc) :
-You want the commission be paid per month or per year? :
-Now price-wise, how many percent do you want your commission will be? :
-any comment? : …
-By sending this data, I CONSCIOUSLY agree with all the applicable requirements that have been described earlier: yes / no
Thankyou for reading.

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Re: are u a WRITER?

#2 Post by PyTom » Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:30 pm

This is one step above spam, but not something we want on the forum.

It's requesting people to give you information that can be used for identity theft. And in return, you won't pay them until the game is released - if it's ever released. But if they ever slow from a writing pace of over 300,000 words a year, you get to penalize them, including forcing them to reimburse you for an arbitrary amount of money.

And you bring to the table... well, basically nothing in terms of a project.

If you want to provide provide production services to a project, you can do that - put out your shingle, as artist, writer, programmer, etc. But don't go recruiting as a project if you want someone else to bear all of the risks for you.
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