Some Sounds, Music, and a bit of Art

This section contains links to Creative Commons licensed and Public Domain resources found elsewhere.
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Some Sounds, Music, and a bit of Art

#1 Post by SypherZent » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:16 pm

Hello. ^^

I've started posting some assets for other developers to use in their projects.
I'll list what I have, thus far, as well as the corresponding license (so you don't have to click each link).
I will post more as I continue developments, and I'll just keep this thread updated. ^^

---==( SOUNDS )==---
All sounds link to

Public Domain (

Basic Melee Swing / Miss / Whoosh
Strong Melee Swing
Basic Melee Hit
Deep Cut / Slash / Gash
Spell Cast / Buff / High Tone
Spell Cast / Buff / Deep Tone
Ghost Singing / La la la
Monster / Banshee Scream

CC-BY 3.0 (

Muffled Explosion
Firecracker Snap / Pop / Small Explosion
Cut Through Armor / Slice / Clang
Weak Monster Roar

---==( MUSIC )==---
All tracks link to

CC-BY 3.0 (

Horror Tune (Looped)
Time Running Out (Looped)

Note, I'm still practicing the music, these are my first two songs.
Also, am toying with off tones and odd timings, inspired by the low undertones of some Japanese songs, like Kenshi Yonezu's.

---==( ART )==---
All hyperlinks lead to

Public Domain (

Rotating Wrench

CC-BY SA 3.0 (

VSG's FX Charge, modified
dorkster's Animated Flame, Recolored

Hope it helps. ^^

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