Worst anime you have ever watched?

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#256 Post by LadyOfGatsby » Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:03 pm

Sword Art Online...

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#257 Post by Sopheria » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:50 am

School Days has got to be the worst by far. I wasn't really surprised by the ending, frankly he sort of had it coming to him for a long time.
For some reason I never really got into Hetalia, don't ever comment this to someone who loves anime and is possibly not completely stable, she jumps down my throat and preceded to tell me that the person who wrote it, also produced the anime which is why its so short and that I should basically be ashamed of myself for saying I didn't like the style or the plot to it. -_- To each their own.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#258 Post by Aqacia » Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:56 pm

The worst anime i've ever watches has to be Akikan and True tears. The first is a series with characters that get the bare minimal character development and while it was quite a fun watch at the time compared to other series that i've watched over the years it's clearly behind. The story and characters get little to no development and it seems as if bits and bobs were just put on. While it was entertaining in it's own unique way the humor quickly died down after the same jokes got passed around over and over again which were barely even funny in the first place.

True tears on the other hand was a different story it was cute and sweet with a great story set up yet one of the characters ruing the whole series. The end of the anime was so painful to watch. While having too perfect characters is annoying it's also no good having characters that seem too troubled for no reason at all. Hiromi's whole character just consisted of issues which were barely explained, unreleasable and her attitude towards Noe just hurt. Anime and games can make good characters even in the cases of bad characters and jerks there are always some fans because while the characters done what they did you saw the why and there was something good to the character however Hiromi just didn't work like that or at least not to me. She was selfish and it seemed as if she owned the whole world which made it really difficult to look past for me when alongside this there were many many opportunities for her to get what she wanted when instead she just choose to keep quiet and then acted like she didn't have a chance. Living with her crush but never speaking and when Noe had him suddenly it was wrong. In what kind of mind does one think they own something or someone if they haven't made any moves. So unfortunately True tears will forever remain as the second worst anime i've seen.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#259 Post by xiaomao » Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:27 pm

Oooh ooh I love talking about bad anime!

At this point in my life, I've seen so many anime and there are so many contenders for worst place that's it's hard to pick. But here are some standouts:
Sky Girls - Why did I watch even a single episode? Well, the theme song is in one of the DDR games, and I liked dancing to it, so I gave the anime a shot. It's your generic bad moe show with really uncomfortably sexualized little girls.

KO Beast - I watched it at Furry Weekend Atlanta a million years ago. It's just so painfully stupid, but the crazy English in the opening theme almost makes up for it.

Plenty of awful, terrible, nausea-inducing hentai that I watched late at night at various conventions and don't merit mentioning by name.

MD Geist - Probably the legit worst anime I ever watched. It's so macho and takes itself so seriously, and yet you feel any second it's gonna turn into a gay leather fetish porn. Seriously, one character is decked out in Nazi fetish garb and rides in on a Harley. Unlike the others on this list, I watched it because I heard it was bad. Can't stop, he's just a soldier!

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#260 Post by smallstar » Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:28 pm

A Certain Magical Index and The World God Only Knows for being boring harems. shame on index especially since it could have been so much more
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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#261 Post by WizzyGameMaster » Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:53 pm

I have yet to find an anime that I actually hate.
But the worst for me so far is Shattered Angels. I couldn't even pay attention while I was watching it. It was very boring and I was surprised that I actually wasted the time to finish it.
Lucky Star is another one I don't really care for. I couldn't even finish one episode. Thereis just not enough going on to keep my attention.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#262 Post by Chocopyro » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:07 am

Honestly people, I'm perplexed to see a lot of the anime up listed up here. Like it's almost as though nobody has ever witnessed a truly bad anime before. Okay, so Mars of Destruction has been listed a few times, and I certainly agree with that, but for most of these...

I mean sure, there are plenty of anime I dislike, but I wouldn't ever call something "Bad" unless it universally surpassed mere opinion. I see a lot of things on this list because they're either mediocre, boring, broke someone's ethnocentric morals in some way, or the series was just not quite up to someone's personal standards. But if you've ever had the misfortune of watching the absolute god awful, atrociously written or animated series out there, these lists would be completely different. There's a real difference between "Anime I don't like" and "Anime that truly sucks". And allow me to point one out that is bad. Just bad with no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

Ladies and gentleman, you do NOT know BAD ANIME until you have seen this one:
"Bite Me! Chameleon"
It's a 1996 anime that looks like it was animated in the mid seventies. It is reliant on crude and raunchy bathroom humor that doesn't even really meet any standards close to funny, has an anti-sue main character who stands out as even more aggravating than any mary-sue character in anime (Which is quite a feat, I must say), and bashes on transgenders (There, I threw my ethnocentric belief in there.) I have a pretty tough constitution, and even managed to endure through Pupa without getting nauseous. But when watching this anime? Just.... F**k this anime... >___< I never came closer to loosing my lunch from watching something.

School days. That's right EVEN SCHOOL DAYS had something redeemable about it! And sure, it may be traumatizing, but at least it manages to make it an entire anime without any of the characters quite literally pissing on each other's back. And Bite Me doesn't even make it a minute.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#263 Post by mediawriterdude » Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:16 pm

Hm... necro... embarrassed... Yet - there can be ONLY ONE:

yes. the ping pong club. similar to the style of the poster's shame above me. recommended by someone i trusted and now despise. precisely because of her recommendation. in posting this, my shame is laid bare for all to see. fnord.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#264 Post by Fox Lee » Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:17 pm

The WORST anime I ever saw, I can't actually remember the name of, but it was reprehensible in every way. Imagine Chobits, except the robot slave girl is deliberately acquired by the loser pervert and actively hates him, literally weeps as he forces her to dress up in awful fetish costumes (the show finds this hilarious, of course). Oh yeah, and the object of the first plot is to find an excuse to dress the robot slave girl fanservice vehicle in a giant baby costume, because that's not creepy AT ALL. It would have been a great disturbing robot-slave-girl genre deconstruction, except it was playing everything straight without the slightest hint of self-awareness. It was irredeemably stupid, misogynist in a way that makes other exotic girlfriend anime seem like feminist milestones, and sleazy as hell. Fetish anime at its absolute worst.

Pet hates, but certainly not the "worst" and anyway I haven't actually seen that much of them because they turned me off too quick: Dragonball (I just cannot stand Akira Toriyama's art), Sailormoon (I don't like magical girls in the first place, but also I hate hate HAAATE seifuku costumes).

I wish I could like: Kuroshitsuji, Wolf's Rain. They're so beautiful and I REALLY like some of the characters, but good grief, what is this plot? I'll stick to collecting fan art :\ Also Boku no Pico - people often call super-girly teenage boys "shota", so that's what I was hoping for when I heard about it - but nope, they're just kids. BUMMER.

Things fans have almost made me hate: Evangelion. I love this show, but every time a fan complains about Shinji being "emo" and demands he "just get in the robot" and be "badass", I just want to beat them over the head with a sign explaining what "deconstruction" means.

I'm amazed people can dislike: Haibane Renmei. Wow, really? I thought it was absolutely beautiful. And Ouran, I consider that to be an exemplar of shoujo-anime; I've never seen such a non-judgemental, clever-but-sincere parody of itself. I think it really elevates the genre. Each to their own, I guess! ^_^;
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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#265 Post by E-l337 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:30 am

Oh, let me tell you, I've watched some reaaaaaaaal stinkers.

I make a habit of watching bad shows on purpose. It started with Sailor Moon, and it's snowballed out of control from there. But what are some of the absolute worst shows I've seen to date?

Mars of Destruction is definitely up there. Oh good god that one is agonizing, but thankfully short. It's... it's just the absolute worst thing you can imagine, multiplied to the tenth degree. It's bad.

Maris the Choujo is another absolutely terrible OVA, but it's somewhat older, and therefore easier to forgive. That said... it's still pretty horrid.

If anybody ever asks you to watch Pupa, you punch them. In the face. Then push them over and kick them repeatedly, and run away as fast as you can. Nobody should ever watch that. Just... just trust me on this. I would rather people watch Kodomo no Jikan than ever watch Pupa. Don't even watch it for curiosity's sake. Read the wikipedia article if you must, but do not go any further.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kodomo no Jikan. Few shows have ever made me so downright mad and uncomfortable. Just... just no. I swear just thinking about watching that again makes me curl into a ball.

I have a long list that's only growing longer over time. But those are the absolute worst offenders so far.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#266 Post by Jae » Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:13 pm

I'm incredibly picky. If I don't like something by the time Episode 3 ticks around, I tend to drop it and stalk reviews for an opportunity to change my mind. If that doesn't work, I move on. And by the time that happens, I forget the title.

So yeah. Worst ones I've seen I've long forgotten.

Amongst the ones I've actually finished and/or watched more than once just to get a second opinion...

Robotics;Notes was "good," but out of the ones I've watched closely, it had more wrongs than rights.

Angel Beats left an empty feeling due to the unexplored characters and plot rushing. I can't say it's the worst I've seen, but it definitely left me frustrated.

Psycho-Pass 2 was also relatively crappy, but much of it was because I couldn't help but compare it to the fantastic first season. Had the second season been a standalone thing with zero ties to the first, maybe it would've passed. I'll never know. Thank goodness for the movie. Made up a little at least.

Of course Naruto is bad, but I occasionally watch it just... for the sake of watching it. I don't know why. Maybe because I've watched it for a while that I somehow feel obligated to "get it over with." If the damn studio can also get it over with...

Also wanted to mention Sword Art online and everything that was not the first arc (actual Sword Art Online).

Also saw some brain fart movies like Nerawareta Gakuen and Origin. Finished them, scratched my head, and pretended the last 90 minutes was spent in a coma.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#267 Post by CrazyHussar » Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:21 am

Some comrades wrote School Days before me - yeah, that was painfully terribble, I regret every minute what I spent to it. People, don't watch it. Really.

For the second place, I choose Tokyo Ghoul Root A - it shows how to NOT create an adaptation. Who died in the manga lives, who lives in the manga dies on the screens, the plot changed, many scene's dropped, the animation got worse than the first season.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#268 Post by Tigorahan » Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:06 pm

daikiraikimi wrote:Freezing

Watched only two or three episodes of this. I recall the main male character being useless. I originally think the lady is going to be cool but she ends up being more sex object than character and I just couldn't respect anyone.
Personally, love the manga for this. Absolutely hate the first arc (Third Year Punishment). As a result, I was very hesitant to watch the anime and ended up forcing myself to do it. Not one of the best ones I've seen, but that's mostly due to how the story takes so long to develop. As a result, the anime seems kind of rushed compared to the manga.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#269 Post by Keryee » Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:27 pm

Bakugan Battle Brawlers...

I just. I mean. It's like everything bad that Pokemon's ever done wrong, without the nostalgia bonus to cushion it a little. The characters all look bizarrely like characters from other, popular things, the plot is contrived and drawn-out, and it's just... ugh.

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Re: Worst anime you have ever watched?

#270 Post by Kkoro » Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:40 am

Usually I've dropped all the animes I refuse to watch further. Of the ones I've actually finished, I think Black Bullet and Tokyo Ghoul Root A were the worst.
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