Best Anime Ever Watched?

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Re: Best Anime Ever Watched?

#226 Post by izanami » Fri May 29, 2020 1:34 am

gas wrote:
Sun May 24, 2020 12:13 pm
While obviously Steins;Gate is unbeatable, recently I faced
And I have to admit that my paradigma changed.

I'm an indie novelist (in my native language, of course), and after watching that anime now I pretend a lot more from myself and any other piece of narrative. If human beings can do something alike, there's no excuse to do less than it.

In a narrative sense, it's absolutely PERFECT.
The premise is bland. Building an intriguing story with just ONE ROOM and TWO CHARACTERS and make it so personal, emotive, human, real ... is uncanny.

It talk about something we all know: what happen when you die. No conflict, no magical mistery, only a series of perspectives on the subject that goes from unfair to moving to even happy.

The characters are incredibly deep, sometime atrocious, sometime gentle, sometime they simply contradict. They are written so well I feel embarassed for mine. It happen that you feel empathy for a character... only to mind about that's exactly not a likable individual! Anyway this is not a character based story. Characters are just metaphorical elements to indepth a theme.

The whole time since the first episode you're dragged in and want to know the mistery. And is godly paced, it fit perfectly 12 episodes, so it also have an AMV care for drawings.

The opening is again a struck of genius. It's not what happen in the anime, is what happen if those characters were called to make an opening XD.

(as for other anime to watch: Bofuri and Dororo)
I cannot agree more. Death parade was one of the most beautifully written anime I had EVER seen. It's the only anime or thing ever that i ship. I literally ship decim and chiyuki to the day i die.. no pun intended

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