What kind of Anime/Otome Character do you like ?

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Re: What kind of Anime/Otome Character do you like ?

#61 Post by moonlightmaiden » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:15 am

This is a tough question. Too many variables for me to go through haha

But typically, attraction wise, dark haired guys tend to get my INITIAL attention.

Then to personality, which varies. Off the top of my head, the reserved, kind, and ambitious ones are awesome. The outgoing, teasing ones, tsundere or not, are cool too... This applies to girls as well. Safest thing to say is that I like well written and balanced characters I suppose (tad of crazy is a fun plus) xD I have a soft spot for the very dense characters though, since I applaud the determination many of them have to achieve something.

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Re: What kind of Anime/Otome Character do you like ?

#62 Post by Head_Phones » Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:48 am

I like the boy-next-door type, but not shy and all.

I have a thing though, for characters that are overconfident (think Prussia)

Weirdly, I don't typically enjoy meganes (SHOCK) (GASP) (WHAT) but I do like it when they wear hipster glasses or grill glasses. (which I haven't seen in a game such sad)

Yes, I'm still talking about fictional people.
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