An event about a Japanese pro artist who copied another?

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Re: An event about a Japanese pro artist who copied another?

#31 Post by pkt » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:34 pm

Look here...I'm not gonna read this whole thread but I read like 2/3 of it and I hear this tracing is bad thing so much and it pisses me off like tracing must be so easy...hell...the art I do...consistently gets ripped to shreds when I post it for review and I've seen the same happen to others in a more figurative manner...I tell you what, line them up exactly on top of each other and compare them...then try to trace an image yourself and try to do it all without complaining when you mess up too. I can't even post my image edits/ piece by piece recreations or such most places because people go and get all antsy saying I trace like it means I'm somehow less than them for it...I used to trace comics and such but the line thickness shading and I'd say a fairly large portion of even the worst traces contribute to something greater and even separately there's merit to the effort that goes into that stuff...I know for a fact that people will sit there and steal my work...I practically pay people to take it and to use it as their toilet paper or what have you...the rest of this comes down to how you see art...I can't make money off of the art I produce because my reputation is ruined but other people can trace my stuff and sell it for a good profit...

I don't leave this message here for the people of lemma that will sit there and say gee this guy has a point...I'm writing this because there'll be people who show up to say I'm a tracer one day...but sucking at things is one of the biggest steps you can take towards getting better...the rest comes down not to whether you quit or not...or even if you keep's better or don't there is no try...if you want to become a wizard then go out there and either learn it or keep failing til it works...edison may have not been the greatest but he admitted to failing so much he won...he became an epic fail...and that should count as a win...

keep quiting and failling and eventually you'll become better than the people who say you can't do'll become better than you know...
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