How did you get into anime?

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#106 Post by BeatofIke » Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:57 am

I "technically" discovered anime via toonami is a kid around 1997 (at age 7). Although I didn't have any knowledge about the term "anime" nether do I know what it is. I just thought of it as a regular cartoon action show at the time. It wasn't until late 2004 (7 years later) as a freshman in highschool (9th grade/14 years old) when a friend of my brother's introduced us to drawing anime (and eventually anime/japanese music in 2005 by letting us borrowing some of his burned CDs. We would then use his CD's and save the songs into our Xbox lol). We eventually watched anime via Adult Swim as well. A few more years passed by (hello 2007 and 2008) and we were introduced by one of my father's old college friend who happens to have a son who loves anime as well. He introduced us to LimeWire (which, as you know today, does not exist anymore), ecchi anime (Tenjou Tenge and Jubei Chan), and more anime music. As more years passed, we just keep gaining more and more knowledge and discovered more ways to download episodes in HD (MegaUpload being one of them, but of course that's gone too). There's....more complicated details to address here and there, but that should be enough information.

P.S: While we discovered anime as kids, actually getting into anime came much later (that includes visual novels/eroge as well).

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#107 Post by CrazyHussar » Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:21 am

There was a girl back to the high school who always used to be sweet with me. She was already addicted and back then I didn't understand her feelings for "those things". One day she recommended me three series: Mirai Nikki, Gosick and Full Metal Alchemist. She brought a flash drive with all of the episodes in kind off messy quality but didn't care about such things. It started something... something new yet familiar.

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#108 Post by PervyGames » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:39 am

I remember walking through a video store, and I noticed a cute anime girl on the cover of a VHS tape. When I flipped it over I was impressed to see an evil sorceress, demons (or what I thought were demons), and colorful and cute anime girls. I asked my father to get it for me, and he just gave me this look like "Are you suuuure you want that?"

I brought it home and was hooked immediately. To this day I can't the theme out of my head.

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#109 Post by SupersizeMyHeart » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:28 am

I was twelve years old and silly enough to accompany my cousin, uncle, aunt and her side of the family on a beach-side camping trip in the wilds of Oregon. Her side which, it must be said, are very nerdy. It's genetic, must be. Anyway, my aunt's brother, Ross, was watching this weirdly animated show called Trigun that caught my attention. We binge-watched the entire show in the three nights of the trip.

Funnily enough, that's also the trip that introduced me to pen and paper role-playing.
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Re: How did you get into anime?

#110 Post by indoneko » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:30 am

Long time ago, I was introduced to anime by watching it on the evening TV cartoon show of the only channel that our TV has at that time. Some of them were magical girl animes (no, not Sailormoon... this is much older than that). At that time, I didn't know if it was called anime or if it was made in Japan (because most of our TV cartoon show at that time were re-imports from the western distributors who has altered the content so much, including awful english dubbing and re-arrangement of the op/ed music).

One of the "cartoon" show that I followed at that time is a mahou shoujo anime called "Gigi" (American translated version of Minky Momo). It has an hour OVA which I liked better than the series. Up to this day, I can't really forget it's soundtrack but I've had hard time trying to look for it anywhere on the net (let alone the full video of the OVA). I wonder if anyone here can help me or knows someone who still has it...

Anyway... I grew up, enter school, and lost interest in anime... until one day I saw Sailormoon on TV. My passion was re-ignited, and I ended up starting collecting many anime series after that (there was time where I used TV tuner cards on PC to record certain anime TV series because I couldn't find the anime on the internet let alone VCD stores).
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Re: How did you get into anime?

#111 Post by Donmai » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:49 pm

indoneko wrote: I didn't know if it was called anime or if it was made in Japan
Oh (nostalgia strikes)! Back in 1969 I used to watch an afternoon TV Show which showed lots of animated series. I didn't care were they come from, but they were all great. Now I know many of them were japanese: Marine Boy, Go Speed Racer, a series about a man who nearly died and had most of his body substituted by robotic parts (The Six Million Yen Men? LOL, I just can' remember how that series was named) but my favorite cartoon (sorry... anime) was a series named (here in Brazil) Samurai Kid (now I know it was originally called Shonen Ninja Fujimaru). Samurai Kid attracted my atention because it was different: that series had some violence, black magic, swordfighting, shurikens, warriors being forced to cross a river full of carnivorous salamanders... yay! Curiously, Brazil was under a military dictatorship at that time, and TV shows were all under severe censorship. Looks like censors simply thought "ah, that's only an animated cartoon. Cartoons are made for children, let's just approve it". I was 13 then, and I loved it. "Cut off his head! Yay"!
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Re: How did you get into anime?

#112 Post by AnotherClone » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:45 pm

I usually lounged in my room watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with my older brother when we were younger. I had no idea who made it or anything like that, but it was something awesome in my mind. After that, I really didn't watch anything for years. High school was when I really got back into anime with the usual stuff like Spice & Wolf (recommended by someone I knew on a gaming forum) or Toradora. After that, I met a couple new people through someone at school and began watching a lot more anime, and recently I've been going back to older shows, like Slayers and Ranma. Funny thing, but true, is that they are the reason I got into stuff like Kill la Kill, JoJo's, and Berserk. I got into the game late, but hey, its better than never getting into it at all!

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#113 Post by Venom Wolf » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:38 pm

Through Pokemon and Digimon......then I lost interest.....then it was Death Note, Monster and Cowboy Bebop.....lost interest again.... now it's Gintama, Samurai champloo and One Punch Man.

Honestly, my interest comes and goes. I tend to watch a whole series when I do regain interest though.

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#114 Post by PencilSlothCreations » Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:05 pm

I was very young when I got into anime, mostly through watching it with my aunt and my dad while other times it was through Saturday afternoon cartoons. I didn't know what anime was back then, this was during the time when Sailor moon was popular and had just been dubbed, but I just generally enjoyed watching anything animated. I would copy what I would see (usually the eyes, I wasn't sure why I would draw eyes first) in a little notebook. I would even get little crushes on the characters (Tai from Digimon, Ash from Pokemon and Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!). I've always had a love for cartoons no matter where it came from, I honestly am not sure why? It may have been due to my ever growing imagination and creativity.
I have always been watching anything animated, though my interests expanded over time. I still like to go back and watch the early episodes of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon because it just brings me back to my childhood watching it Saturday afternoon on 4Kids! Haha. Even Dragon ball and Dragon ball Z, a show I would watch with my dad and my brother.

Anime has always been a part of my life. And probably always will be. :)

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#115 Post by runadial » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:36 pm

My brother was a fan of Pokémon at one point, and he had a card set. Intrigued with all the different "creatures" (as I called them back then), I decided to watch the show dubbed. I didn't know back then it was called an anime nor did I know it was originally in Japanese though.

When I was in third grade, a friend of mine introduced me to an anime called Mermaid Melody. At first, I wasn't interested in it, but after role-playing it, I got into the mermaid and singing gist. It was then I realized the existence of anime, and after I finished that show, I started looking deeper into anime and started watching more because I absolutely loved it.

And now, to this day, I'm still a big fan of anime!

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#116 Post by Plotline_Progenitor » Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:57 pm

When I was little I remember watching Pokemon and Hamtaro but I wasn't really able to distinguish anime from other cartoons at the time so I don't really consider them my "first anime" though in all technicality they probably are. It wasn't until much later in life where I was taking a class somewhere when I met one of my first real long-term friends, I got him into tabletop roleplaying games and he got me into anime (both of us were happy with the results), he gave me a USB with an anime called "Lucky star" on it which probably isn't really a good choice for your first anime (not saying that Lucky star is a bad anime, it's good, it's just that it had a lot of reference humor to other anime in it so a lot went over my head when I watched it, it took years before I started to get the references). But it wasn't until a while later as my friend kept mentioning a show called "Ouran high host club" that I really got into it.

After hearing my friend mention this show so many times I noticed the title "Ouran host club" in a TV guide at one point and curiously tuned in to watch it, but that's not actually where things really began for me. After watching Ouran host club for a few weeks I sat down one night to watch it five minutes early so I wouldn't miss anything and there was this other anime show on the screen at the time. I saw the last 3 or 4 minutes of this other show and was drawn in by this moment where a girl was apologizing for damage she'd caused to someone's house and opening up about how she was worried that some other girl had come to live in the same house as the guy she liked... shortly after that I saw a sweet scene where the other girl in question brought her some rice balls to eat and helped her fix the door as they worked into the night coming to realize they could probably get along with each other quite well

That show was "fruits basket" and next week I curiously sat down half an hour earlier than usual to see what this new show was like...

I fell so completely in love with it that I watched the first five episodes five times that week

I was into anime after that

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#117 Post by starshine001 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:11 am

That's a long story xD I'll make it short:

I always used to love Pokémon and I remember watching it when I was about five. Back then, I had no idea that it was an Anime and I remember thinking the eyes of the characters looked weird.

Then, at about 11 years of age, I got the first few issues of Detective Conan from our local library and read through them in one afternoon. Sadly, I lost them a few years ago.

I forgot about Manga and Anime for a while, until a friend of mine reccomended Death Note to me, stating that I would love it (I've always been into thrillers and the like)

So she gave me the DVD and I sat down that afternoon, intending to watch the first 1-2 Episodes.... well, when I stopped it was midnight and I was halfway done.

That was probably the point where I fell in love with manga and anime.
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Re: How did you get into anime?

#118 Post by Imperf3kt » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:41 am

Well, I'd been watching "anime" since ever I can remember, thinking they were just regular "American cartoons", so I guess just watching TV got me into it?
There were certain shows I found I liked more than others, and every single one of them, upon later research, turned out to be anime (as I would describe it - made for a Japanese audience, given that a lot of it is actually made in Korea for the last decade or so.)
So I started intentionally looking for it to watch.
Then, one day a Playstation magazine which I subscribed to at the time, came with an "anime sampler" DVD - apparently a joint promotional venture with Madman entertainment (Australia) where the free episodes found on the internet (usually episode 1 and sometimes episode 2), were placed on a DVD and given out free with the magazine. I believe this was around 2005.

I guess that about sums it up. After that I spent quite a small fortune on amassing a collection of various shows - all of which I've liked to a certain degree. Some from Madman, some from Siren Visual, some from E-Bay due to OOP/never sold in Australia and some from RightStuf USA. I don't think I ever bought any actual anime from Amazon, but I have bought anime music CDs from Europe.
Oh, and CDJapan. Importing directly from Japan is easy as with that website, but it'll cost ya, and you better be prepared to pay in Yen.
Though, now that I'm nearly thirty, I prefer to just pretend I didn't waste so much money on what was essentially softcore porn. >.>
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Re: How did you get into anime?

#119 Post by Metatype » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:37 pm

Pretty much the same as a lot of other people. I thought the anime that I was watching on TV was cartoons, but when I wanted to know more about the shows or actually see the episodes ahead of time, I found out they were different. Then I just started watching back and worth on the TV and computer. I even have several DVDs of InuYasha, but never completed it. The place we got it from didn't have some of them and we don't go there anymore. I didn't get into manga until much later. I don't remember how, but I somehow got a hold of some manga and just loved it. I used to have IRL friends to talk and share anime and manga, but I don't see them anymore.

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Re: How did you get into anime?

#120 Post by SinaAzad » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:06 am

hmmm I was in high school when found a theme for Firefox, I knew what concept of anime was, I've had only seen the bad parts so didn't like anything related to anime, people pretending to be ninjas and those who memorised all the move names, I still don't like a lot of mainstream series and find them too bland, maybe if I had watched them when I was 12-13 I would have loved them tho but in 24 I'm too old to start watching Naruto and one piece, going back on topic I saw that theme and I was like this looks fun let me watch it, and It was K-ON, It was so much fun I re-watched it over and over again, I did play Electric Guitar so it was +fun, then downloaded Sora no Woto and other stuff now I sit with 2 TB of anime collection With a love For monogatari series, Psycho Pass, Ergo Proxy, Kimi no dotoke (yes shoujo) and many more
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