New Localization Startup: Culture Select & Wish 16th Night

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New Localization Startup: Culture Select & Wish 16th Night

#1 Post by Blitzwing01 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:18 pm

Hi Lemma Soft Forums! I'm a long-time lurker coming out of the woodwork to post about a project that I joined recently: a kickstarter to build a new localization startup, Culture Select, starting with a doujin game by Japanese developer MIGIHA called... *drumroll*

We want to translate the game into English and Spanish! Yes, Spanish. But we can't do it alone-- we need your help! There's more information about Wish on the kickstarter page link above, but basically one key philosophy of Culture Select is to reach as wide an audience as possible. Spanish seemed like the best choice to start out with but we hope to expand to other languages in the future. There's a Steam Greenlight Page too, so even if you can't back our kickstarter, every upvote, comment and share helps and we definitely definitely appreciate it!

Check out the trial of our English Translation here: Link to Wish Trial Edition
Or just watch this video excerpt:
The T/L was done by our Lead Translator, Andrew Prowse, who is also doing the "A Certain Magical Index" light novels for Yen Press. Andrew was kind enough to answer some of our questions about his background, some current and upcoming projects, and what it means to be a translator in this interview: Interview link

Instructions for game controls:
F -> toggle fullscreen mode
A -> auto-read mode
S -> skip mode
O -> one page display mode

(The trial is currently in alpha stages and undergoing editing/quality assurance testing!)

Finally, the founder of Culture Select, John Baumlin, recently did an AMA on reddit about the visual novel industry. He's been working in the industry in Japan for the past 3 years and shares some insight about his experiences. We want to contribute as much to the community as possible because we're all in this together, so even if you're not interested in Wish, it's definitely worth a look.

Thanks for reading to the end. This is the first time I've been involved with a project like this, so I'd really appreciate any constructive feedback and comments. Have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening! ^^

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