Makura no Danshi, everyone?

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Makura no Danshi, everyone?

#1 Post by kyakyakyu » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:08 am

Welcome to the anime corner, me (?)

So, I don't see any threads about Makura no Danshi around here.
If you're wondering what Makura no Danshi is,
Makura no Danshi (枕男子, lit. "Pillow Boys"), also known as Makuranodanshi, is a Japanese anime television series produced by Assez Finaud Fabric and feel. It began airing in Japan on 13 July 2015. The series is a first-person story, with each weekly episode featuring one of 12 different "pillow boys" who sleep beside the viewer.
I've only seen the VOSTFR playlist in YouTube, and I have only finished the second episode (meh, skip it to the favorite seiyuus!)

And TheAnimeMan officially entitled this anime as "the loneliest anime you've ever seen".
For me, this anime is kinda creepy. It's creative, but...
Let's see the fact that I myself find this rather scary than making my heart goes doki doki suru! feels 'love'.
If I am watching from the third person aspect, I depicted the person we're seeing at the screen as someone with mental illness instead. He talks to someone we can't even see (which is us).
And the fact that the point of view moved to only seeing him talking with someone on his side (second episode)? That makes us more like a third-person viewer than first-person viewer.
Basically, I'm just seeing the second episode. I don't know of other episodes, so, comment about your opinion of this anime.
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Re: Makura no Danshi, everyone?

#2 Post by sherberre » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:51 am

Yeah, it's really weird. I only watched about an episode but I felt really uncomfortable.

Either way, I'm not taking it that seriously. The least they could've done is make the boys look cute and have good animation, but it didn't so I'm not interested. But on the subject of it being so weird, I think it's kind of tame compared to the kind of stuff the industry is throwing out nowadays. Honestly, the weirdest thing about it to me is that they have a pillow boy who looks and acts like a child, but anyone who has seen a lot of anime can agree that it's nothing new to see infantile characters (it will always be my biggest pet peeve about the industry though). This situation kind of reminds me of when Free! came out and a lot of people were complaining about the fanservice in it. (・∀・)

But either way, more controversy = more attention, and more attention = more money, so the producers get what they want in the end. Pretty smart of them, really.

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Re: Makura no Danshi, everyone?

#3 Post by heartfragment » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:22 pm

Yeah, I pretty much fully agree with sherberre. I watched through the whole thing but it was...odd, I guess. And not at all appealing in my opinion. The only characters that were of any interest to me were the twins and the first guy. But the show overall gave me bad vibes, somehow. Maybe because of the mix of little to no animation (most are just still images with a mouth moving, in some cases even the mouth wasn't animated) that were panning across the picture. There wasn't much music either aside from the opening, so it was just awkward silence and a voice.

The thing that really creeped me out was the little kid. That's what 100% turned me off to it. If I remember correctly he was described as a "hot 5 year old" or something and no matter what 5 year olds should not be being described as hot. That's just... yikes.
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