FATE / Grand Order : A FATE-series mobile game

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FATE / Grand Order : A FATE-series mobile game

#1 Post by TsukiShima » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:08 pm

(since no one talked about it around here, I wanted to share what I have been into these recent days. THIS is one of them!)

I'm pretty sure most of us who are fans of Japanese Visual Novel have heard of FATE/Stay Night, one of the most success and popular JVN around. It is so popular that they have anime adaptations, console games, movies, official merchandise and now even a mobile game of their own!

FATE is a universe where Masters from all over the world, especially Japan, summons Legendary Heroes back to life, to serve them as Servants and fight in an epic war for the Holy Grail. The series is mostly popular for their interesting plots and memorable characters. The mobile game still retains the traditional VN style story-telling, just too bad it is in Japanese, and we are not sure if Delight Works will ever consider the game to be translated for international players outside of Japan. However the battle in-game adapts the turn-based strategy. While it's common, the interface of the game is what made it looks different and far more attractive. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at their UI (even for character design because let me tell you, their designs, wow)!

As one of their big fans, of course I had to download and now I am currently addicted to it. The benefits of being a mobile game is that... well, it is mobile! You can play it anywhere anytime; whenever you're bored in class, waiting for the bus or even before your bed time.

Currently they are celebrating their success in reaching 5 millions downloads (woah that's really a lot)!


This series, for me, really inspires us as developers, seeing how a simple visual novel could turn into something this big. Aim high!

Here are some questions for discussion :

1. Are you a fan of the FATE series? How did you found out about it?
2. Why were you attracted with the game / series?
3. Which is your favourite series among all?
4. Did the series influenced or inspired you somehow?
5. Do you play the mobile game? If so, if you like, share us your friend code! :D

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Re: FATE / Grand Order : A FATE-series mobile game

#2 Post by TheGreatTheorist » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:08 am

Wow, this thread is forgotten. Well, seeing as this one is largely not considered as a VN but an SRPG (really? No, I don't think it's an SRPG as well) most people might go for the other threads. Glad to see another player in this forum.

1. I'm not really a fan, I just like its character concept and backgrounds, especially Arash the Archer (I'm raising it to lv90). I discovered the series through Carnival Phantasm.
2. As what I said before, the character concept. That and also I'm fascinated with ideas about heroes from past and future clashing in a single small battlefield. In its release age, this idea is considered really fresh. Now we have many VNs with similar ideas like Eiyuu * Senki, etc.
3. Favorite series then count for fate/zero! The heroes were all tough-nuts (well, excluding Caster) and the fights were considered as epic in its own way.
4. Sadly, no. I am not much of a programmer so I'm discouraged with the heavy animations in the bladefights (especially the duel between Saber and Lancer) which involves loads of swings and thrusts. Though so, my current work is closer to a mixture between Fate/EXTRA and Fate/Grand Order, and reinforced with my own spices.
5. Now this is my favorite part! Here's my code: 066,574,464; I login everyday but my character growth has slowed down significantly lately and focusing on Arash's development (the lv90 target).

This thread started really long ago, so I hope you are still playing the game.
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Re: FATE / Grand Order : A FATE-series mobile game

#3 Post by TheJerminator15 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:45 am

Didn't even know this thread existed.

1. I'm a big Type Moon fan in general, not just Fate (though for some reason Tsukihime never runs when I download it). I heard about the Fate series specifically around a year after I got into anime, which then led me to Type Moon in general.

2. Character concept, premise and just general praise from other fans.

3. My favourite would probably be Fate/Stay Night, but I've also been playing Fate/Extra again recently due to the new game in that series coming out soon and I like that spinoff a lot as well.

4. It's influenced the VN I'm working on, but it's also infuenced me into wantng to eventually create a story with a world as detailed and in depth as Nasu's universe is.

5. Nah, I don't play the mobile game due to my phone being quite old. Even if it wasn't, I have little motivation to play a game in full Japanese when I have no knowledge of the language. Whilst it is annoying not being able to play F/GO or Extra CCC due to this it's not enough to have me learn the language.
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