Hilarious AI vs AI battles from Magicaloss (A Japanese game)

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Hilarious AI vs AI battles from Magicaloss (A Japanese game)

#1 Post by Geistbas » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:17 am

I originally posted this list on some other forums, so I thought I'd share it here as well.

You can check the channel here, but if you don't want to try your luck finding some good fights, then don't, because a lot of the fights are normal, but it's not rare either to see some hilarious matches.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGniFJ ... 1lpZFkFkMA

One of the games by COLD BREATH, published by Artifact
Magicaloss (マジカロス) (2010-2011 - not sure)

A room decorating sandbox-like game where monsters attack player's rooms every once 15-20 minutes. The world is infinite-like, because it all depends on which players connect which rooms together, and the monsters that spawn in the rooms depends on the total level of every single character in the room.

What happens when you send your squires, which are AI controlled characters that you train and they help you subdue monsters, to battle other players' squires - as gladiators? Since you can give your squires any equipment you want and any artifact you want (3 slots), and each artifact responds differently against each other, this creates for some extremely hilarious or just epic, cool, or even absurd fights.

#1 - "Morgan Freeman's Rain Magic is Wetter than Seattle"
(Tournament: 4th Annual Valentine Cup)

#2 - "Morgan Freeman's Rain Magic vs Mermaid in Dark Angel's Disguise"
(Tournament: 4th Annual Valentine Cup)

Fun fact: The squire's actual name is シロヒゲ - Shirohige - "Shiro Hige", which means White Beard.

#3 - "Golden Arrows That Pierce The 7 Proxies of Petrification"
(Tournament: Year of the Monkey "Ape" Zodiac Cup. Held only once per 12 years. Crazy.)

#4 - "This is what I call Sword(..and scythe?) Dancing"
(Tournament: 5th Annual Memorial Cup - G Block (Scythe vs Scythe))

#5 - "Merry Christmas!! Special: Flamethrower vs Firecrackers. (LOL)"
(Tournament: 6th Annual Christmas Cup.)

#6 - "Our twin books made us the stars of the arena!!! (even though the audience can't see anything.)"
(Tournament: 5th Annual Meteor Cup.)

#7 - "Shield Masters?"
(Tournament:3rd Annual Christmas Cup.)

#8 - "Wish upon a Genie Star."
(Tournament:2nd Annual Meteor Cup.)

#9 - "Cool Entrance, Santa. But too bad..."
(Tournament:3rd Annual Christmas Cup.)

If you like some of these fights, let me know~

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