A manga/game you wished was an anime?

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Re: A manga/game you wished was an anime?

#16 Post by izanami » Fri May 29, 2020 1:42 am

There's only 3 manga that I wished to become an anime.

- Prison lab
- Dolly Kill Kill
- How to train your devil

Prison lab is a really good manga that I binged through everything until my eyes couldn't take it.

I haven't read up on Dolly Kill Kill in awhile but the whole premise is wild and if it was to be an anime it would be up there with My Hero Academia.. as long as there's a director who can really capture the grim and unfortunate situations the main character goes through with these doll serial killers.

I read 1 page of how to train your devil and it literally made me laugh. I've never felt that much humor since watching the konosuba movie.

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