Do you play as same or opposite gender?

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#211 Post by puffinlady » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:18 am

I almost always play as a female character given the option to (especially in MMOs). They always have cuter outfits and hairstyles lol. Especially Tera's Elin race. And I love buying dresses in games and outside of games, and male characters almost never have dress outfits aside from the occasional gag outfit, soooo...

&& then there's the fact that most of the time, when there's no customization, even with the most generic-looking protagonists...somehow the female option is always slightly more interesting (Hakuno Kishinami from Fate/Extra is a good example). I think the one time I didn't pick the female over male in these types of games it was Persona 3 Portable, and that was only because people suggest that you should play the MC's story before you do the FeMC's story if you haven't played the original P3.

Though every once in a while I'll make a side character based off of a favorite male character. Right now on another server in Tera I have an archer elf based off of Arjuna (Fate series), for example.

There are also times where I have to compromise and select the male option just to be with a female companion...I'm glad the only game I'm playing right now with romanceable companions (Fallout 4) lets me do anything I want hahaha.
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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#212 Post by Carradee » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:04 pm

My default is the same gender, female, especially if there are skirts or dresses for the character.

I try to be friendly without being flirty, but… Well, 100% aromantic asexual, here. I miss cues.

Like, I started playing the first Witcher game, tried to make Gestalt friendly and not rude…and ended up having him sleep with Triss right out the gate? >_> I stared in confusion, then shrugged and figured I'd just go for unlocking all the cards.

That said, I prefer well-done over representative, if that makes sense. If the female is flat or some such thing, I'll go male. If the romance-less story is less engaging, I'll play romance.

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#213 Post by AnotherClone » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:37 am

It usually depends on the character design, for me at least. In this regard, it really is a mixed bag depending on the game.

Case and point, I recently started up Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2, and both times I chose the CAST race. I absolutely adore the android design, especially when playing the Bouncer class from PSO2. Riding around on jet boots just fits the design perfectly, in my opinion. This also applies for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2; I absolutely adore the SSJ3 design for females. It looks amazing!

Design aside, the specific character has to be good if it isn't a generic CAC. Take Dragon Nest, for example, an MMO where you pick a predetermined character and alter them a bit to your choosing. If they are a class I despise, I won't pick them. For my first 3 characters, I chose the Sorceress, the Machina, and the Kali. Each of them had extremely fun mechanics and I loved all of them. I tried the Archer afterwards, but I just couldn't get behind it. I wasn't a huge fan of her gameplay style, so I dropped her pretty quickly.

The only other option is for goon squading with some friends, like in TERA where we made four different Elins and ran around dancing and screwing around, letting our serious characters waste away. Or just making a cosplay character, like in GTA V where I created a certain Hideo Kojima and freaked out a couple of friends with him. Good times!

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#214 Post by crystalscm » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:53 pm

I tend to lean towards playing as a girl when she is pursuing the opposite gender, a boy. Seeing that, you know, I'm a girl.
However, I don't feel too restricted in regards to gender in the story/game and am willing to play as a boy or even a protagonist who is non-binary.

For example, I'm even playing a game right now that has a boy protagonist... it's called Chess of Blades, by Argent Games.

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#215 Post by Anihime » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:32 pm

For me, it depends on the story, genre, and/or whether I have the option to choose what gender I am. Most of the time, I lean more towards female because I am female. Other times I play as a male.

For example, if I'm playing a video game like Pokemon or Mass Effect, I'm more likely to play as a female. If I'm playing a visual novel with multiple options (romance options especially), then I'll replay it as the opposite gender, going back and forth between the genders until I explore everything (this also depends on what the visual novel's story is). If I'm playing a game like Undertale, then it doesn't matter what gender the protagonist is; especially since the main character's gender is never specified in the game, which in a way leaves it all up to the player's interpretation.

As long as the story of the game holds my attention, it doesn't really matter what the character's gender is.

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#216 Post by nerupuff » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:16 am

I mainly play as a female in most games where you're allowed to pick the gender of the character. Mostly because if it has downloadable or paid content, normally female outfits and accessories look cuter imo. It's also a bonus if a game has romance content as well, because I'm a sucker for love stories. I'm not that strict when it comes to selecting gender though, because at times I also select a male character whenever I feel like it, and especially if content changes in the game like interactions, story buildup, or any sort of thing that comes linked with what sex your character is. (Games like Dragon Age, Dark Souls, a lot more, etc. + MMOs that let you freely customize your character)

In VNs perhaps my preferences lie on G x B, though I still dabble in B x G whenever I see something that catches my eye.
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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#217 Post by noeinan » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:40 am

I am non-binary, and unfortunately because of that I never get to play games as my same gender. I think only Hustle Cat I can remember off the top of my head. If I have the option to play as non-binary/gender neutral then I will pick that every time. I also strongly prefer games where I can play as an adult instead of a high school student.

Since that's not usually an option, I am fine playing either male or female characters. If there is character customization, I will try to make an androgynous character. Often character customization is very sexually dymorphic, though, which turns me off the game quite a bit.

In story-based games, such as visual novels, I prefer if the main character has a defined backstory and personality, and so I usually go with the default name so I can see the story from their perspective. (Instead of playing as if *I* am romancing the characters, for example. I'm witnessing and helping a romance between two distinctly not-me people.)

I am less likely to play as a female character if the designs are extremely fan service oriented, and they don't have any practical clothes. Or if the body language/character animations and voice are super over the top girly/fan servicey. If there is a game that lets you choose between male and female, but all the marketing shows a male MC, I will always play a female character out of obstinance.


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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#218 Post by starshine001 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:17 am

I normally play as a girl, partly because I am one, partly because playing as a male would limit my romantic options to females (most of the time), but mostly because I can't, for the life of me, design a cool male character. I just can't. End of story.

Seriously though, playing as a male does have its charme, especially in dating games. I remember playing some games where there would be male and female dateable characters and I would play the game six times (Three times as a male, three times as a female) to get all the endings.
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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#219 Post by Metatype » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:37 pm

I usually play as a female, but I also play as a male. As long as I enjoy the game, the gender doesn't really mean that much to me unless it's something like a MMORPG or a Dating game. Then I choose the character that I think looks the coolest and/or the class I like for a MMORPG while I decided who it it is I want to romance and pick the opposite gender if I have a choice in a Dating game.

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#220 Post by SinaAzad » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:13 am

depends, MMO? Asian? Female...... Elder Scrolls? Male for sure, I mean first of all, on eastern MMOs the male characters look strange, the clothes are super awful and female character are cute with better stuff, also if it is 3rd person I'd love to see my character and I prefer to enjoy looking at it, on the other hand when it is really role-playing I prefer male, I've finished Elder Scrolls games as a male, for example on Kenshi I made a male character cuz it was a good role-playing game and I wanted "ME" to be there.

Edit : "now that I look at it my avatar here is also female lol"
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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#221 Post by NowItsAngeTime » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:41 pm

I don't usually prefer make your own character games but when I do I just play as a dude. (And I'm a dude)

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#222 Post by chaironiichan » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:59 am

First character is always the self-insert, so male xD

What gender follows though is just really dependent on customization choices, story possibilities, etc. It's quite an even split, with maybe a slight edge to being female as a second/alt character.
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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#223 Post by Markk786 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:20 pm

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#224 Post by Ermytarya » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:54 pm

Depends of the game, if the game allows me to play as a female, hell yeah i will play as female because i am a female, and i want to play as a girl kicking ass :3
but i dont have problem playing a game as male as long as it has good story.

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Re: Do you play as same or opposite gender?

#225 Post by Zure » Tue May 01, 2018 7:24 pm

Like a lot of people, I tend to play as a female whenever I can because I am a girl :D
(Being a FeShepard on the Mass Effect series was quite awesome.)

However, in dating sims, I do not mind being a boy chasing skirts, but I always prefer otome since I can chase the boys myself :3
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