Unfinished Business [Mystery/Supernatural]

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Unfinished Business [Mystery/Supernatural]

#1 Post by Sleepy » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:43 pm

Unfinished Business
Download HERE: Google Drive
I made this last year for a 48 hour game jam around the theme 'inconvenient mutations’. I was the programmer, background artist, and I did writing for Lizzie's dialogue and tutorial bit. Mostly, a lot of this game was an experiment in me playing around with a) 'turn' gameplay to progress time b) timed events, where only certain scenes and events are available in certain rooms. I also cried at all the conditional work needed to make this work, as this was my first time working with so many complicated variables and ending dialogue chaining.

Unfinished Business is about a penniless, nameless ghost detective and their dog Bleu taking a job from a realty company to clear a house of its hauntings. The house was the site of a double suicide between step-siblings who, according to official story, killed themselves because they felt they couldn’t be together otherwise. However, there are clues that suggest otherwise. The detective has a night to explore the house, talk to the ghosts, find all the clues, and ultimately put together what really happened.

This game includes:
  • Ten to twenty-five minutes gameplay, depending on how fast the player is and how much of the house and alternative choices the player explored.
  • Multiple endings, depending on the player’s final conclusions.
Though the game lacks a fair bit of polish, we’re still satisfied with how it came out for the time we were given. This is primarily a standalone but there's concepts that can be returned to. I also plan on making use of the turn based code, at least, for my other project, Camera Anima.



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